Endless exploration, Huawei to create mobile imaging revolutionary technology

2022-06-09 0 By

The continuous updates of smart phones make people have higher and higher requirements for the functions of mobile phones, especially in today’s increasingly lively social platforms, mobile phones have become an important tool for people to share their lives.The camera configuration and camera experience of mobile phones have gradually become the main demand of more and more consumers. The comprehensive upgrade of hardware equipment such as mobile phone cameras and software such as digital algorithms has become a development trend.Before the P40, Huawei and Apple were the two giants in computational photography.But with the launch of huawei’s XD Fusion image engine on the P40, Huawei’s dominance in mobile computing photography has been cemented.After the release of P50, Huawei has established the industry technical specifications of future computational photography from the three dimensions of optical system, imaging technology and image processing in the field of computational photography, forming a unique mobile phone photography technology system, namely imaging.Huawei P50 series adopts the next generation environmental spectrum information acquisition sensor, which is infinitely close to the natural spectrum. The resolution of the environmental spectrum is increased by 50%, and the average tone accuracy is increased by 20%.Incident light increased by 103%+.Hyperspectral hyperimaging devices can detect details beyond visible light and capture details of images in imaging, so images in low-light environments have a higher dynamic range.Thanks to computer optics, 3.5x optical zoom achieves smaller imaging effect than 10x physical optical zoom, making it easier to get close to the far field for viewing.Real-time video HDR capabilities allow for richer lighting and more layered photos.The ultra wide Angle lens has an ultra wide Angle of view of 120 degrees, and is equipped with anti-distortion black technology algorithm to improve the experience of close-up photography.For portrait, accurate color capture and calculation even allow you to more realistically recreate your character’s makeup, including lipstick tones.Keep clear facial details, enhance character texture and emotion, and make facial texture more realistic and natural.The front-facing primary color camera also supports 14cm autofocus, and the ability to take selfies with close facial details and restore makeup is exactly similar to the texture of the rear camera.Mobile photography today is in a state of flux in terms of hardware and algorithms, with everyone taking sharper, prettier shots than everyone else, and few manufacturers paying attention to the image culture behind mobile photography.After Huawei opened the door of mobile phone photography, from focusing on product performance to user needs, Huawei now began to force the humanistic spirit of mobile phone image.This is not a simple product upgrade, but based on the brand, with a new perspective to create image culture for the masses.When color restoration ability, telephoto ability and light sensing ability gradually reach the limit of hardware specifications in the dark light environment of mobile phone images, computer optics led by Huawei brings a new development direction for the whole mobile phone images.Inevitably, we entered the competitive era of computational photography.Currently, Huawei Image supports 3.5x optical zoom and PC optics, which can compete with 10X optical zoom.In the future, Huawei will continue to launch new mobile phone photography technology and continue to lead the development of mobile phone image.From product performance to user demand, no matter how mobile phone develops now, its meaning is still to provide consumers with convenient life experience.Huawei will continue to focus on this and bring cutting-edge technological innovation to mobile phones to bring consumers high-quality life experience.