Indomitable willpower and unyielding will. Capricorn is the sign of the zodiac

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Chinese pickup network planning “twelve constellations to buy pickup trucks” series near the end, today is about Capricorn, we have a look at Capricorn people from the character, suitable for what pickup truck.Capricorn is good at independent realization of their own heart ideal, like leisurely, thoughtful, kind to people, broad-minded, ambitious, in a down-to-earth way to pursue success, believe that you will be rewarded when you give.Even if setbacks can also forge ahead, indomitable perseverance and will is the Capricorn to success.Broad view pickup truck market, only the Great Wall gun with Capricorn tonality.Four-wheel drive system adopts time-sharing four-wheel drive, focusing on strengthening the depth of the product off-road ability, four-wheel drive system design is very innovative, can be called intelligent four-wheel drive, TOD timely four-wheel drive in a variety of driving modes of snow, mud and sand mode retention,Through computer control of traction, braking force, lifting gear and ESP, so as to achieve the coexistence of 4L, 4H and 2H on the timeshare four-wheel drive.As the opening of a new chapter of Chinese off-road pickup culture of the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck, is the domestic premier off-road orientation of the original truck, the products of many professional off-road kit on the Everest version are reserved, strong performance is therefore inherited.In terms of power, the Gasoline Everest version is equipped with a 2.0t turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 140kW/4000-5500rpm and a maximum torque of 360N•m/1800-3600rpm. It is matched with a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.Electronic differential locks on front and rear Bridges, four-wheel drive system with central differential locking function, creep mode, tank u-turn, wading depth up to 700mm are still core core strengths.Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup Everest edition of the configuration is very high, AEB automatic emergency braking, ESP, 360 loop, Internet of vehicles (voice recognition + remote control), intelligent driving assistance system and other luxury car configuration assembly, enough to prove that it can not only high intensity off-road, but also has a very high level of passenger.Great Wall Gun off-road pickup Everest version can be seen as the Great Wall gun’s first “commemorative version” model, which is of great significance to the industry.Because in overseas, the launch of commemorative edition and special edition is the routine operation of many well-known pickup brands, the Great Wall gun as a global pickup truck under the Great Wall, the launch of commemorative edition is in line with the international trend of behavior, belongs to the establishment and promotion of pickup culture category.Great Wall gun ride pickup truck, off-road pickup truck and later launched such as Everest version, black bomb and super truck pickup and other products, are the Great Wall pickup truck to subvert the image of the image of pickup tools, hoping to promote the prosperity of the industry with better products.Great Wall gun black ammunition by the domestic pickup industry leader Great Wall motor and domestic modification industry giant Yunliang cross-country joint creation, is the first legal modification, legal license, legal road depth modification cross-country pickup, not only for off-road and outdoor enthusiasts to provide a new car purchase options,It is also of great significance to change the inherent impression of domestic pickup trucks and promote the personalized development of pickup trucks.Production version of the black on the Great Wall gun off-road pickups made on the basis of more depth modified customization, the design of the black coating + orange collocation is very cool, the front part of the original car first cutting processing, lower the roof-mounted wide modified bumper, and integrates the leakage of coupler, license plate in the bottom with the winch.The right side of the body is equipped with a wading hose, the upper part is equipped with a luggage rack, the bottom of the vehicle is equipped with a special side pedal for rock climbing, the use of Baluzzi KO2 all-terrain tires.Custom gantry frames are partially added to the cargo case, and the rear of the vehicle also features modified bumpers with exposed tow hooks.In terms of power, the Black Bomb still has a 2.0t gasoline engine with a maximum power of 145kW. The transmission is matched to an 8-speed automatic transmission, but the gear ratio has been readjust for off-road use.In addition, the original factory’s timely four-wheel drive system was adjusted to a time-sharing four-wheel drive system on the Black bullet.In terms of chassis, black bullet uses strengthened upper and lower arms and rear axle, matching professional adjustable damping damping cylinder, so that the chassis of the whole vehicle is raised 80mm and widened 102mm.