Official release!Shanghai Jiaotong University +7 undergraduate major

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The Ministry of Education (MOE) recently issued the Notice on The Filing and Approval Results of Undergraduate Majors in Colleges and Universities in 2021 (Jiaogao Letter (2021) No.14).Shanghai Jiao Tong University has successfully approved seven undergraduate majors, including medical imaging technology, Intelligent Perception Engineering, intelligent agriculture, Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation, Big Data Management and Application, sustainable energy and smart energy Engineering.New filed for examination and approval of new undergraduate professional undergraduate course specialty medical imaging technology, medical imaging technology transformation and application of clinical oriented features fusion, medical professionals, teaching system will cover “bachelor – master, doctor – after graduation to continue education”, students mainly learn basic medicine, clinical medicine, basic knowledge and skills, such as modern medical imagingStrengthen skill practice, innovation consciousness and theory into practice ability training.The graduates are mainly for hospitals at all levels, large national medical centers, large medical equipment research and development and production units and higher education institutions.This major will adopt “elite-small-class” teaching, rely on the clinical resources of affiliated hospitals of The School of Medicine of Jiaotong University, and take advantage of the national Major Science and Technology Infrastructure of Translational Medicine (Shanghai), Shanghai Digital Medical Center, advanced Technology Research Institute of Medical Imaging and other platforms to create a cross-school and cross-disciplinary mode of education.To cultivate outstanding medical imaging technical talents with profound cultural background, solid professional knowledge, skilled clinical skills, strong sense of innovation and broad international vision.Intellisense engineering “intellisense project” for a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, the surrounding countries such as artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing strategic needs, through the value guidance, knowledge exploration, capacity building, personality cultivation of “four one” education idea, training students a solid grasp of intelligent science based theory, method and information awareness,Capable of solving complex intelligent perception engineering problems, capable of playing a leading role in the development of intelligent science and technology industry in the future, and has the potential to become a top scholar, industry elite or industry leader.Intellisense engineering to modern intelligent sensor, intelligent data processing theory as a guide, combined with the computer, artificial intelligence, information processing and other professional domain knowledge, the traditional sensor data acquisition and processing to intelligent information perception and processing, is intelligent diagnosis and intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things, and many other countries technical foundation of strategic emerging industries.Agricultural wisdom agriculture around the new agricultural talents training strategy, to cultivate socialist core value, the broad interdisciplinary knowledge, aesthetics and comprehensive ability, the national pillars as the fundamental task of healthy personality quality, adhere to the value guidance, knowledge exploration, capacity building, personality form the educational concept of “four one”,It is committed to serving the strategic needs of national agricultural and rural modernization development, focusing on professional features such as “precision agriculture, modern molecular breeding, neural network and deep learning, Internet of Things and blockchain foundation, and big data framework and mode”.Cultivation of morality, intelligence and physique, us, fatigue all-round development, have the feelings deep cultural inside information, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, to master a solid mathematical foundation and professional knowledge, strong practical ability, innovation ability and good scientific literacy, can the information technology, modern engineering technology, modern management knowledge and agronomy organic fusion, blend in wisdom means of modern agricultural production practices and management,Outstanding innovative talents in the new agricultural science who can become industry leaders in modern agricultural new business entities, science and technology parks and agriculture-related fields.Hearing and speech rehabilitation medicine is a medical subject, hearing and speech rehabilitation principle – work – social science of emerging disciplines, cross over the past 20 years, with the newborn hearing screening in the connotation of the rapid growth of the discipline development, and related fields, especially the human hearing reconstruction (hearing AIDS and cochlear implants and artificial brain stem implant) and intelligent technology development in the field of hearing,Hearing and speech rehabilitation has developed from clinical diagnostic audiology to clinical, basic, rehabilitation, education, industrial manufacturing and industrialization as well as speech rehabilitation and vestibular disease prevention and diagnosis and rehabilitation treatment.At present, the School of Medicine of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has a high-quality talent team of more than 40 people, who are internationally recognized and leading the development of hearing and speech rehabilitation in China.In the future, it is determined to cultivate a group of academic leaders in the field of hearing and speech rehabilitation, a group of outstanding teachers and educational experts who are committed to the education of hearing and speech rehabilitation in China, and a group of international leaders in several fields, so as to drive China’s hearing and speech rehabilitation to keep up with the international pace.Big Data Management and Application big data management and application (Big data and Business Management) is a new interdisciplinary major that focuses on management and computer science, while integrating the knowledge of philosophy, economics, sociology and other fields.This major aims to cultivate comprehensive talents who master basic theories of management, are familiar with big data management technology and methods, and are good at analyzing business data.Big data in the country under the background of strategy and the construction of digital China, insist on value guidance, knowledge exploration, capacity building and personality with “four one” culture in the educational system, respectively from Germany, so that the students have a strong sense of social responsibility and noble humanistic feelings, “think tank”, cultivate the students’ global business vision and data analysis ability,”Physical” — to establish the education concept of health first, “beauty” — to awaken students’ passion, dream and potential with the art of education, “labor” — to carry forward the spirit of labor, and cultivate senior management talents with international vision, innovative consciousness and leadership potential.Be able to independently engage in data analysis, business intelligence decision-making, information management, business process optimization and other work in business, financial manufacturing and other related fields, thus laying the foundation for students to become future industry leaders or academic masters.The Global Institute of Future Technology (GIFT) is one of the first 12 schools of Future Technology announced by the General Office of the Ministry of Education.GIFT’s sustainable energy program will change its talent training philosophy from present-oriented to future-oriented, focusing on the growth of students, fully reflecting the future orientation, transcending the present and leading the future development of the industry and society.The courses, textbooks, teaching methods and experimental requirements of the new major will integrate the successful experience of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, University of Oxford and University of Michigan, while relying on the traditional advantage of Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s engineering major.And the Natural Science Research Institute, Energy Research Institute, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and other relevant professional institutions, combined with the characteristics of Michigan School of Jiaotong University, to carry out interdisciplinary personnel training in the direction of low-carbon and sustainable energy technology in the future.Sustainable energy direction will revolve around new energy technology, a new generation of information network technology and the fusion of intelligent based on Shanghai jiaotong university in the field of materials, intelligent, automation and integrated discipline superiority, interdisciplinary research focus on the future energy technology all industry chain, in order to solve the technical challenges and explore ways to change energy in the future to provide new ideas and technology.Energy from the field will be basic science, energy, materials and devices, energy equipment and technology, energy systems and digital, energy economy and policy and so on multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary research focus on the future energy technology all industry chain, to promote the Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data effective grafting technology and new energy technology, to implement the intelligent of the energy system and digital management,To promote time-space coordinated regulation and innovation of business mode of large-scale mobile energy system.Focusing on the high integration of new energy technology, new generation of information network technology and intelligence, innovative research work will be carried out in the following four directions: advanced energy conversion and storage, multi-modal energy interconnection, green energy and new agriculture, and zero-carbon society and governance.Wisdom energy engineering “wisdom energy engineering undergraduate part engineering under the category of electrical class, professional code for 080608 tk, will rely on Shanghai jiaotong university institute of national electric energy innovation for wisdom integration platform of production and education, with a double carbon demand under the background of the energy industry as the guide, adhering to the” strong foundation, promote cross, heavy practice, internationalization “of the professional characteristics,Focus on national energy industry development and technical requirements, using the fusion, interdisciplinary education training mode, energy and information class curriculum as the main line, in electrical engineering, power engineering, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, materials science and engineering, chemical and other fields of multidisciplinary cross, aims to develop a solid foundation of math, science,It will integrate information technology with electrical engineering and energy system, adapt to the complex, innovative and practical talents urgently needed for the development of China’s future energy industry, and provide strong talent support for China’s “carbon peak” and “carbon neutral”.