The “Journey of Thousands of Miles” officially launched, the first long survey convoy set out

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On February 19, the launch ceremony of the “Wanli Huanxing” new vehicle identification team and the departure of the first long test team was held in Beijing.As the pilot project of the new energy vehicle Super experience Center, global automobile will lead the “new vehicle” to the 2.0 era with a new attitude.The event also invited leaders of many industry associations, representatives of the World Car judges of the Year and representatives of car companies to gather together and witness the start of the team.”New Vehicle 2.0 era, there must be a new way to play”, “Journey of Thousands of Miles” is a large-scale experience of the motorway service area visit series launched by The world auto in early 2022, is the industry’s first long test of the integration of industrial development and the development of China’s road transportation infrastructure.During the event, guests from all walks of life will be invited to test drive vehicles for a long distance to experience the charm of automobile products, and at the same time, explore the value of the most beautiful service area in China and show the proud achievements of China’s expressway infrastructure construction.According to the planning, the theme activity of “Wan Li Huan Huan” will select more than 100 pairs of the most representative service areas in China, with a route of 5,000 kilometers, along more than 20 lines such as Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Bao-Mao Expressway, Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway, Lian-Huo Expressway and Jing-Wu-Huang Expressway, lasting for two months.All will go through hebei, shandong, anhui, jiangsu, hubei, jiangxi, zhejiang and other provinces 8 31 city, covering a variety of road conditions, such as high-speed roads, provincial roads, county roads is power of automobile products, configuration, space, convenience, reliability, the depth of experience and comprehensive test, to provide users with the most real, most useful shopping guide.Through live broadcast interaction, interviews and reports, scenery and other forms of panoramic display of China’s expressway service areas and the overall improvement of China’s auto products.At the same time, the world automobile will also unite a number of authoritative organizations, in view of the consumption along the line, industrial development issued a series of research reports.Wu Yingqiu, chairman and CEO of Global Automotive Group, said in his speech: “Under the development trend of new vehicles, there are some new changes in the development of new energy vehicles.In the era of new automobile 2.0, the new era pattern needs to establish a new coordinate system, which requires enterprises to subdivide and subdivide consumer demand. On the basis of ‘large and complete’, enterprises should transform to ‘fine and fine’.Under the guarantee of the systematic network of Yangcheng Lake service area and hundreds of high-speed service areas, The new energy vehicle products, industry and supporting services will bring an answer to users and the market.”Zhou Weidong, president of machinery Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said, “The world is experiencing a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and China’s manufacturing industry has entered a new stage of development.Under the guidance of the new concept of national development and the spirit of building a new development pattern, China is deepening supply-side structural reform, promoting changes in the quality, efficiency and driving force of economic development, and injecting new vitality into the transformation and innovative development of China’s manufacturing industry.”Secretary general of China electrotechnical society Han Yi pointed out: “in the ‘3060’ double carbon target strategic guidance, the rapid development of the car” new four modernizations “, a new round of revolution of science and technology are significant changes subversive drive vehicle industry, traditional industry rules of the game in the digital age is being rewritten, digital technology and the organic fusion of car companies has been the trend of The Times.Therefore, how to use the operation of the whole industrial chain of digital enabling enterprises?The answer to this question will not only change the model of product design, research and development, production and supply, and service of automobile enterprises, but also affect the survival of every automobile enterprise and brand in the future.”Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, essentially elaborated on the relationship between new vehicles and new marketing. He said, “Behind these new energy and new vehicle marketing, there are carbon neutrality goals at the national level, as well as the promotion of intelligent and electrified transformation background.But what cannot be ignored is the transformation of the growth driving mode of new energy vehicles. Once new energy vehicles were driven by policy, but now they are driven by the market to a greater extent.This is also directly related to the improvement of the development and use environment of new energy vehicles, as well as the change of consumers’ concept.”Chai Zhanxiang, assistant president of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade automobile Industry Branch, said: “Whether at home or abroad, China’s new energy vehicles are showing a momentum of vigorous development.Thanks to the long-term cultivation of New energy vehicles in China, the core pain point of consumers buying new energy vehicles is being broken one by one, which will effectively promote new energy vehicles to replace fuel vehicles from the demand side.However, as a whole, it is more and more difficult for China’s automobile industry to improve on the upward road. At this time, in addition to the traditional upgrading and transformation of products and technologies, the automobile market needs a complete change in the consumption mode.”Wang Du, deputy secretary general of China Automobile Distribution Association, made suggestions from the perspective of “new marketing” of automobiles: “In recent years, we have seen oems replace 4S shop mode with direct sales and agency mode. They break the fixed thinking, intuitively understand the needs of consumers, and make feedback quickly.However, there are also shortcomings. Comprehensive coverage of production and circulation of the industrial chain is bound to cause huge cost pressure.Of course, these modes are also being tried, and it takes time and many consumers to verify how to do the best solution.But one thing is for sure: the future lies in innovation, and we can only be eliminated if we remain complacent.”Li Hongwu, president of Global Automotive Group, gave an in-depth explanation of the event, saying: “What is the new car 2.0 era?This is an era of constant iteration of new energy and new technologies, as well as continuous evolution of new models and new forms of business.All the time, we are talking about the user is the core, so how to get closer to the user’s needs?How to get closer to the user’s experience and scene?That’s what we think about.”Huanhuanhuanwanli” is an unprecedented collective expedition of Chinese cars, but also a new starting point for the global car to create the Yangcheng Lake model.Based on this, our new vehicle super experience center will gradually cover the core expressway network of Yangtze River Delta and even the eight backbone networks of China’s expressway network, and open through online and offline platforms, so that the super experience center will go from service area to users’ living area and enter users’ hearts.”During the event guests free speech, from tsinghua university state key laboratory of automotive safety and energy car collision lab director gold exchange, China quality certification center for transportation and vehicle chief technology experts and senior engineers Xie Penghong, Eugene, vice President of the Beijing police academy original, data information and future technology co., LTD., general manager of Beijing zhong-jun jiang,Fan Jingtao, Executive Deputy General Manager of BAIC New Energy, Shen Gongzhen, General manager of Volkswagen North Sales and Service Center of SAIC Volkswagen, and media representatives participated in the interactive discussion.They gave their own opinions on the new Car 2.0.China Quality Certification Center traffic and vehicle chief technical expert, professor Senior engineer Xie Penghong believes that the past car marketing model, is an old model, we get in the 4S shop service is too stereotyped.The emergence of new cars also breaks this pattern, and the way and method of differentiation is also the reason why new cars are widely loved by consumers.At the same time, the safety and reliability of vehicles, the timeliness of electricity change and charging, is also a topic of great concern to consumers.It is an urgent requirement to innovate the marketing model and provide users with the best experience and service, from automobile enterprises to consumers.Zhang Jinhuan, director of the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy Conservation at Tsinghua University, said: “The new four modernizations — electrification, interconnection, intelligence, sharing, this is a phenomenon.For traditional cars, I think the concept of new cars is very profound.After more than ten years of development, the progress of “new cars” has been very fast, from the function, technology and all aspects of quality have been greatly improved.New technology brings us new experiences, but what are the key factors behind these new experiences?I think it’s still security. Security comes first. Without security, everything else goes to zero.”Liu Shi, former vice president of Beijing Police Academy, is full of expectations for all teams from the perspective of the long test. He said: “China’s new energy vehicle industry has developed so far, and the results are gratifying.The long test activity is not only a true portrayal of the car scene, but also a test of our entire Chinese auto industry. The final results will be implemented and truly serve consumers.In view of this activity, I also want to focus on the safety of vehicles in the use of the scene, I hope you can spread the concept and knowledge of safe driving, including technical methods.In particular, the knowledge of traffic safety education for teenagers and children is driven by our activities to refract the concept of travel safety to every user.”Jiang Zhongjun, general manager of Beijing Dezi Future Data Technology Co., LTD., gave his opinion from the perspective of market positioning. He said:”Standing 10 years ago, the annual sales of 2.989 million new energy vehicles, market penetration rate reached 14.8%, is an unimaginable thing, why China can achieve today’s results, I think the biggest reason is China’s new energy vehicle base plate user volume is very large, this trend will be more obvious in the future.At the same time, the owners of traditional energy in the past and the owners of new energy in the future are completely different user groups. In order to occupy a favorable position in the market, what we need to do is to eliminate the anxiety factor of these users and build a better user platform.”Baic FanJingTao new energy, deputy general manager of the new car has made the outlook for the future, no matter how the future of new energy and intelligent development, we can’t forget a fundamental, is the consumer default the car travel has become a tool, it needs a high quality, strong experience also want more security, after the product has done this,To be able to do smart networking, sharing and so on.A real use scenario, an objective market atmosphere.It is also very important for the growth of a brand to tell consumers with real experience where the advantages and disadvantages of a product are.After in-depth communication, the guests from the research, production, supply and marketing system of the theme of “Wan Li Huan Xing” put forward a high recognition, they agreed that — “new car” should have a “new attitude”.”Superhighway New Energy Vehicle Super Experience Center” project is the connector between consumers and car enterprises.At the same time, all the guests are also full of expectations for the upcoming team, hoping to ensure safety in the “Journey of Thousands of Miles” activities, and bring the most real “cars” to consumers.As a Chinese saying goes, “the world’s martial arts can only be achieved fast.” In the new era, innovation and efficiency are needed.From media to marketing communication service platform transformation, is a broken new breakthrough, but also a solid battle.As the final part of the event, Wu Yingqiu, chairman and CEO of Uniworld Auto Group, formally awarded the flag to the three team leaders – Ren Yi, Guo Yan and Xia Long, who are also uniWorld Auto test drivers.The holding of the flag ceremony marked the official sounding of the bugle of the “Journey of Thousands of Miles” activity.Ren Yi, representative of the expedition, is full of confidence in the event. He said, “The wanlihuan Survey is a test and challenge for all of us.But I believe that our team will overcome all kinds of difficulties, do a good job of reporting, do a good book, do a good job of new research, do a good job of service area research, under the premise of absolute safety, all tasks will be successfully completed, fulfill the mission!”A new journey has begun.It is understood that in the future, the “New vehicle super experience Center” created by Uniworld Auto will start from Yangcheng Lake service area and gradually cover the core expressway network in Yangtze River Delta and even the backbone network of eight expressway areas in China.With these “new vehicle super experience centers” connected with major national expressway networks as the core, Global Auto will further open online and offline platforms, so that the “super experience center” from service area to target consumers “living area”.April 16, highway new energy super experience center Yangcheng Lake site is about to grand opening, auto marketing new formats will be announced, let’s wait and see!