The case skillfully resolved, the execution of the case quickly in place

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The voice of justice webex (shulan) of the people’s court recently, shulan executive board of the people’s court judge successfully execute criminal incidental civil cases, the case to pay on the spot, not only successfully implemented and the execution applicant on both sides of the bitterness, also let people deepen the understanding for the work of the court and the judge, closer to the relationship between the police.In December 2019, the Shulan People’s Court made a civil judgment attached to the criminal case, and sentenced the defendant Xu mou to one year and three months in prison for intentional injury;Compensation for Chen medical expenses, hospital meal subsidies, follow-up treatment costs, a total of more than 40,000 yuan, in June 2021, Chen to the Shulan People’s Court application for execution, Shulan court on the same day will be put on file for execution, to be executed xu issued a notice of execution, report property order.Through online and offline property investigation and control and to the prison to interrogate the subject xu and other ways, no property clues were obtained.Finally, it can only take measures to limit the high consumption of the person subjected to execution. After the execution judge informed the person applying for execution of the case, the execution of the case was terminated.In January 2022, Chen got the property clue and applied for the resumption of execution. The executive judge immediately drove to the subject’s home and patiently persuaded him. At first, the subject resisted strongly and denied that he was now able to pay compensation, “I have no income in recent years and the family life is difficult.He can do what he likes.”Be executed person Xu mou tone of strong say.Executive judge patient and meticulous persuasion, from the case itself talked about neighbors and villagers get along with, from the legal principle to human, interpretation of the law, finally Xu deeply realized his refusal to pay back the mistake.More than 50,000 yuan of compensation and interest was paid on the spot, and both parties were satisfied with the result.So far, a period of more than two years “lawsuit” finally drew a satisfactory full stop.The Executive Board of Shulan People’s Court has always adhered to the implementation of the law, civilized implementation and good faith implementation, striving to pass the judicial temperature, and constantly enhancing the people’s sense of gain and happiness.