What safety protection equipment does cement plant need to wear

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Cement is one of the most widely used materials in our current construction projects.Widely used in industry, construction, transportation, energy and other projects.Cement production can generally be divided into three processes, such as raw material preparation, clinker calcination and cement making, which is usually referred to as “two grinding and one burning”.The working environment of cement plant is harsh. In the production environment filled with cement dust, workers need to wear safety protective equipment to work.Proper use of protective equipment during construction operations can prevent accidents and occupational hazards.The following hundred China xiaobian and everyone to discuss this problem, to help you further understand.Safety helmet in the production of cement, to prevent objects falling on the head injury.At this time, by correctly wearing the helmet, put the helmet on, tighten the jaw strap, adjust to the appropriate position, no sense of restraint, effectively prevent the damage caused by high objects.Dust masks work in an environment filled with cement dust, and improper respiratory protection will lead to pneumoconiosis.Cement factory is also the field that leads to pneumoconiosis. In order to our health, we must do a good job in respiratory protection. We should choose dustproof masks scientifically and carefully, which can help prevent lung injury.Labor protection gloves In cement production operations, we will come into contact with a variety of machines, will also move cement and so on.In order to better protect the safety of our hands, gloves with corresponding functions should be selected according to the work requirements. Secondly, dexterity and comfort are also important.Safety shoes we will operate many large mechanical equipment in production operations, in the construction site in order to prevent the construction tools accidentally hit the foot or piercing caused by the foot injury, then wear anti hit anti puncture safety shoes, is very important.Safety shoes have a variety of protective functions, according to different work situations to choose suitable for our safety shoes, can effectively protect our feet to avoid foreseeable injuries.Today, I will explain so much for you. For the sake of our health, I hope you have enough understanding of the safety protective equipment you need to wear in the production environment.If you still don’t understand or have questions, welcome to come to consult the message oh.