What’s the difference between a $20,000 washing machine and a $3,000 washing machine?After use just understand, poor really many

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Previously, it was thought that a washing machine was just a washing machine, as long as it could clean clothes.Why pay $10,000, or even $20,000 to $40,000 for it?My home thousands of washing machines, with nearly 5 years of no problem.Nevertheless recently, friend home bought Taiwan high-end washing machine newly, the price is not cheap, went to appreciate specially one time, this ability discovers, washing machine is expensive have certain reason.According to personal experience, the difference between expensive and cheap washing machines is concentrated in four areas.01 Appearance The washing machine of a friend’s house has a simple appearance but super texture, which is the most intuitive feeling after seeing it at first sight.The metal shell is brushed, durable and feels good, even leaving no fingerprints, reducing the trouble of cleaning.With LCD screen and knob, easy to operate and adjust, display is also very clear, so a look, it is very advanced sense.I have to say, high-end washing machines are really powerful.In addition to daily washing, but also attached to many practical functions.Such as high temperature sterilization, nursing, down washing, air washing and so on, greatly improve the convenience of laundry.And, the performance of these functions, better than ordinary washing machines.For example: to sterilize and disinfect clothes, low-end washing machines mostly use ultraviolet disinfection. Although effective, it does great damage to clothes.High-end washing machines, most of which are continuously cryogenically sterilized (similar to pasteurization), do not wear clothes.The speed of this washing machine can reach 1800RMP, which is quite high.After all, the general washing machine, the highest speed is only 1600RMP.Generally speaking, high speed on behalf of high dehydration rate, washing efficiency is naturally high.Therefore, compared with the lower speed of the washing machine, certainly more energy saving, saving time.It is said that the washing machine is equipped with four shock absorbers, so when running, the vibration of the washing machine is very small, basically no special noise.There’s a slight motor noise, but it’s quieter than thousands of washing machines.In addition, there are some more user-friendly design.Such as automatic dispensing system.When washing clothes, distribute laundry detergent and water in a reasonable proportion on the clothes before starting to run to ensure the washing effect.There is also a removable function, the bucket is very easy to clean;No rubber ring design at the door, prevent the breeding of mold from the source, high cleanliness.05 household how to choose in fact, expensive washing machines also have the problem of brand premium, but many inherent in the design, is indeed more refined than affordable washing machines, rich in human touch, better sense of experience.As for the home should buy expensive washing machine or cheap washing machine, I think it still depends on individual ability.If you have a budget, buy one of the ten thousand washing machines and use them comfortably.If you don’t have a budget, it’s also good to buy thousands of machines to cover your basic laundry needs.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement immediately delete)