Why did the mother go through the pain of childbirth twice and still disagree with her daughter not to have children?

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I don’t mind getting married, but I don’t want to have kids, and I don’t want to keep kids.I want to convince my parents while it’s still early.I talked to my parents twice, and they disagreed, saying I was naive, too well protected and spoiled.I thought my mother would understand. After all, she had gone through the pain of childbirth twice. Is it really worth the aftereffects of pregnancy, childbirth, heavy parenting and so on that can go along with a lifetime to replace a child who does not know what the future will look like and conduct?In my opinion, you are not naive, nor spoiled by parents, do not want to raise children, on the one hand, you think forward, on the other hand, you are not mature, of course, can not understand and feel the feelings of parents.I would like to share my views from the following aspects, and welcome more friends to discuss and exchange views on this issue.In the view of parents, having children is not only to carry on the family line, but also to extend the parents’ life.In the view of the parents’ generation, it is the greatest unfilial piety to the ancestors if a man and a woman get married without producing a boy and a girl.Men and women married to give birth to ten eight, not only for the husband’s family to carry on the family line, the continuation of the family, but also the greatest filial piety to their parents.Marriage without children, that is the biggest unfilial to parents ah.Now some young people do not want to get married, after marriage and do not want to have children, parents will certainly not allow.Although people’s mind is liberated now, there is no lack of unmarried people and dink families in our life, but this is a minority after all.In most parents’ eyes, it is a couple’s duty and even duty to have children.If a woman becomes a “hen” who can’t lay eggs after marriage, she will not only be pointed at behind her back, but also her parents can’t hold up their heads in front of others.In the parents’ eyes, the joy of raising a child far outweighs all other pains.Women from pregnancy to give birth to children, difficult labor also do caesarean section.Some women can bleed and die while giving birth.Some pregnant women in the confinement period, drink cold water, blow cold wind, may also leave sequelae.But these are compared with the arrival of a small life, every day to see him grow up happily, accompany around their parents, become their parents happy fruit.Compared with the happiness that children bring to parents, the hardships of pregnancy in October, the pain of childbirth once, and the hardship of raising a child all the way up are nothing.There is a life, you do not know the hardships of it;There is a kind of hardships, you do not know the happiness without experience;There is a kind of happiness, you do not know the pure until you have had it.It was a joy of such purity that a woman who had not been a mother could not know.You are not married, only to see the mother gave birth to you, raise you hard and not easy, but did not feel the joy of her heart.You have a certain fear of having and raising children, and I can relate to your inner conflict.From the girl to the wife to the mother again, is a woman’s life required course, do not hesitate, do not wander, things do not know difficult through.From the parents’ point of view, it is possible to raise children for old age only when their adoptive parents are old.Life is a lifetime, birth, aging, illness and death is the natural law, when young parents raise children, children grow up, parents are old, life can not take care of themselves, children foster parents old, this is the meaning of the cycle of life.If you get married and don’t have children or raise children, how will you live when you are old?If all the parents were dink families when they were young, the society would have no young people, and no one would support the elderly after the dink families entered the old age, and the society would operate without young people, the whole society would be in disorder.The significance of children to parents is much more than passing on the family line and extending the family line.Most parents see having children as an insurance policy for their later years.You can’t understand or appreciate the bleakness of old age for childless parents.To say the least, China has entered an aging society, so the state encourages having three children. Having more children has become a national strategy, can you understand?Conclusion: poor world parents heart, parents heart in children, children’s heart on the stone, while parents inculcate their children, while children turn a deaf ear to their parents, who says it is not?What do you think about that?If you want to know more exciting content, come to the dancer walking on the nib to discuss and exchange related issues and views, and share the sunshine and the wind and rain together.Why do you want to tell me every time you get your period?