5 for 2 big deal!Harden and Embiid for the title, and Durant and Simmons for the big three

2022-06-10 0 By

Looking forward to a long time finally look forward to the NBA blockbuster trade, the Nets and the 76ers finally wish to acquire the favorite star, according to the latest news of the NBA reporter Shams, the Nets and the 76ers reached a trade, Harden and Simmons complete swap, involving 7 players, the Nets and the 76ers each take what they need, have the confidence to win the championship.The Nets are sending Harden and veteran Paul Millsap, while the 76ers are sending Simmons, Seth Curry, Draymond, their 2022 first-round pick and their protected 2027 first-round pick. According to the latest news, the Nets will welcome Simmons by giving him some time to get used to the nets environment.Simmons and Durant have been talking to each other, the two sides are on the same game plan, and Harden is finally leaving the Nets to rejoin embiid, the powerful center, the two teams are currently equipped to compete for the championship, if the two teams meet in the playoffs, perhaps the biggest focus.The deal no losers, all is the winner, after the nets simmons get, they formed durant, simmons, OuWenSan giants, partner on the projection of the small pool, mills ability, let them outside threats more threatening, durant and garage partner, let a lot of fans think a bit of a feeling of deja vu, only this time not garage but small garage,Center up to god, let them inside has improved, although simmons cast ability is not enough, but he can just be organization mission and defensive tasks, three points need not worry completely, the nets have again two first-round draft picks, they have enough chance to deal again, completing the squad on the upgrade, now the nets the biggest difficulties is derived from Owen,If that’s the case with Irving, then even with Simmons firing on all cylinders, the Nets still face a serious challenge for the title.Harden finally left the Nets, and to reassure the 76ers, exercised a $47.3 million player option for next season, which means harden will spend at least two seasons with the team.From Houston to Nets, Harden wasn’t happy with the team, the losses were his responsibility, the wins were Durant’s credit, harden from the original superstar to the object of doubt, harden and the Nets before the trade had a serious and sincere conversation, he asked the team to let him go.Harden leaving the nets, however, also have a lot of legend, they think harden in the past four seasons broke up four superstars, respectively is the rockets in the period of Paul and less, and the nets in the period of durant and Owen, harden in the two teams have no success, now partner superstar boon than Germany, don’t know what will be the result.Harden the arrival of the 76 people directly became the most powerful championship contenders, they are now starting line-up harden, than Germany, Harris, maxi and sable, this team offensive and defensive capabilities and outside threats, more balanced than the nets of mills, Edwards, this cloth, luxury; bricktownship too much, and harden directly will become an important focal point of the 76 people from outside,His combination with Embiid on the inside and outside is worth watching. Harden and Capela have made many teams afraid, but Now Embiid is the upgraded Capela, and this combination will give fans the visual impact of alley-oop again.With the Bucks, Nets, and Sixers in a three-way race, harden and Simmons are expected to prove themselves on their respective teams.