China imports Japanese engines and cannot copy them even if they are dismantled for scrap

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China’s industry has continued the good momentum of rapid development. In the past, from backward imitation to independent research and development, it experienced many difficult times and solved many problems, and finally achieved certain development results.China imports Japanese engines and wants to learn from their structure, but even if the engine is dismantled to scrap, it cannot restore the original assembly position of parts, and even the parts that cannot be dismantled and completed cannot be copied.According to Japan so confidential level, a lot of high-tech mechanical equipment, it is difficult to divulge secrets and technical information, then our country in this field is what kind of status quo?Japan has a lot of factory are family business, more than one hundred years, they do have the attitude of the best craftsmen, and some products do rely on details, there are a lot of companies will open a small factory, has been operating on a different product to for a long time, so the products, I will be very delicate even perfectly.In such an atmosphere to study products, Japanese engine equipment has also made great progress and development, many mechanical equipment has been greatly improved.For example, the engines of Japanese cars are very popular in many countries because they are light and fuel-efficient, easy to drive and maintain, and seldom go wrong. The cost of repair and maintenance is also very low.The important heart part of some cars is the engine. Japanese car engines are very advanced, but they have a characteristic, which is a highly integrated assembly form, which can be said to be an integrated engine.As a neighbor of China, Japan has a harsh natural environment and is poor in materials and energy. It is very jealous of China’s vast and rich land. From ancient times to the present, there have been few real friendly exchanges and cooperation.In addition, Japan followed the United States to take a different attitude toward Korea, and even cooperated with the United States to build military bases in Japan. The purpose is also to watch For opportunities to find opportunities to suppress Korea’s rapid development.Once Japan develops a sophisticated machine tool or engine, it tries its best to shut down all channels that can leak secrets, fearing that Korea will learn from it.Ever imported Japanese car engine in our country, wanted to see how their products are designed and assembled, general equipment, can open to see the structure of the parts, but let our technicians to surprise, open Japan engine, found all the parts are tightly bite together, forming a whole cannot be separated, try to open it,Something unexpected has happened.Japanese car engines, once opened, discard, because many parts sticking together each other, move a, another is scattered, other also is such, parts are hard to find the original position, cannot determine the correct installation method, these parts are famished, and raise some parts apart, is broken off,You can’t get all the parts complete.In such cases, try to break a few units, all ended in failure, Japanese too tight security measures, maybe they are afraid of other countries to study their engine, specially developed to the overall installation, all the parts are welded together, form a complete engine equipment, once want to open it, can only be scrapped off the engine,There is no way to reconstruct the engine as it was before it was assembled, let alone study it by breaking it down and reassembling it.In general, if technicians can see all the separated parts, then the core technology can be analyzed basically after restoration and assembly. However, Japanese engines cannot do this, so the core technology of Japanese automobile engines is also unknown.The competitiveness of Japanese cars cannot be solved for the time being. This is also a way for Japan to protect its intellectual property rights and protect the interests of its enterprises. I believe that there are definitely a few countries that want to study Japanese cars by splitting the engine, but none of them will succeed.There was no way for the Japanese engines to be disassembled intact.Japanese engine technology is very sophisticated and high-end, and it is also at a leading level. Every year, a large number of Japanese cars go abroad to many countries in the world. If their engine technology cannot be kept secret, the leakage of technology will make it easy for many countries to copy their cars.So who can sell to the Japanese car, so Japan’s security measures are really great, just from this view, also is worthy of reference for our country, the important mechanical equipment in export, to do a good job in technical confidential to protect our machinery and technology with intellectual property, development and enterprise to go further in the future.Japan and the engine of precision processing, but also Japan’s high-precision machine tool also has a close relationship, Japan’s machine tool is also the level of the leading, China has a lot of small enterprises, are imported from Japan all kinds of processing of machine tools for the production of daily products, the future if China’s auto industry wants to go to the next level,Also can not bypass their own research and development of the construction of patented technology of the engine equipment, I hope that China’s engine will soon usher in high-end breakthrough technology good news.