Dancer: Yes, it was midnight, but that’s all the beard told me!

2022-06-10 0 By

Advance report on strippers!Just now, Sports Wave reported that a Brooklyn stripper claimed that beard told him he was now a Philadelphia 76ers player right after she gave him a lap.”I just gave James Harden a lapdance &He told me he’s a Sixer…!””The stripper tweeted.It’s no secret that the beard has a lot of nightlife, but at least with this one, James Harden actually confirmed that he’s all in on the deal.Strippers have retired Harden jerseys in the past. Is it fair to assume that if Harden can get something off his chest, who would know about it first?There was no question that he belonged to someone who had spent a lot of time on him, and when the deal was finalized, the stripper’s push made it seem like Harden was the one who had spent a lot of time and money on her.”Told u so!”Hillary, a stripper, tweeted after the deal was announced.All we’re trying to prove is that James Harden is a bit loose with his life, so can his lack of discipline really make it in Philly?In my opinion, I’m afraid it will be difficult to succeed. What do you think about it?Welcome to discuss!Will he really succeed?