Net red tour guide collective send blessing!Hours news united with Long Air, leave messages for Readers in Hangzhou to win the exclusive Year of the Tiger gift (4)

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The epidemic was provided by the interviewee, which prevented some migrant workers and new Hangzhou residents from going home to visit their families.How do you feel about staying in Hangzhou for the New Year?At the beginning of the Year of Nonyin, staying in Hangzhou for the New Year seemed to be a compulsory course of life, some people ignored for a long time feeling gradually clear, also let the readers who stay in Hangzhou for the New Year to return home for the experience of the New Year more cherish.For some readers who have worked hard for a year and value reunion, it is not easy to make the decision to “stay in Hangzhou for the New Year”.And in the hour news reporter’s circle of friends, many front-line tourists also sent New Year’s greetings.Some of them have left Hangzhou to visit relatives, and some have decided to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival because of the epidemic.But no matter where they are, they all have good expectations for the coming year, as well as thoughts and blessings for friends and relatives back home.Xiao Hei, an Internet celebrity tour guide, recorded a message at the Hall of Prayer for Good Year in Beijing early in the morning: Before the Spring Festival, he had returned to his hometown tongxiang, and reminded people in Hangzhou to wear masks and wash their hands frequently to protect themselves during the Spring Festival.”No matter where you spend the Spring Festival, the most important thing is to be good to you and to everyone.”Hu Nana, an Internet celebrity tour guide known as “Liu Shishi of Northeast China” and an old friend of the Hour news reporter, also recorded a message of Spring Festival greetings in Hangzhou.”No matter big friends or children, I hope the coming year can be happy.”It was her toast to the hour news reporter.Another famous tour guide in Northeast China, Chi Tielin, is from Jixi, Heilongjiang province. He has funny speech and good professional ability. He used to be an outbound tour leader.On the eve of the Spring Festival, he made a special trip to Putuo Mountain to bring the blessing of “getting better and better” to the readers of the hourly news.There are always blessings that can cross mountains and rivers.Although some readers will not be able to get together with their families as usual due to staying in Hangzhou, we are still looking forward to bringing the hot Year of the Tiger to you through our hourly news platform.On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Hour News and Dragon Airlines jointly launched a special gift of “a jar of air from all over the world” for those staying in Hangzhou.This Spring Festival, 10 cans of pure air (2 cans for each city) collected by the staff of Changlong Air will be transported by Changlong Air and arrive at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport after the festival.Due to the impact of the epidemic, these 10 cans of air will be sent by Changlong Airlines after the Holiday to the lucky readers who leave comments below.The air in these air tanks, or from changbai Mountain, from Enshi, from Guiyang, from Chongqing, from Aksu……No matter where they come from, we hope they will bring new, playful and exclusive experiences to our readers after the Spring Festival.Time: Feb.1st ~ Feb.6th How to participate: If you leave a message on the bottom of this article about your experience of staying in Hangzhou, wish or miss your hometown or relatives, you will have a chance to participate in the lucky draw.Lottery format: after the event, the list of winning readers will be announced on the hour news – new Travel news channel.