Onmyoji: Those SSR gods without any CP are single-minded in their affection for the player

2022-06-10 0 By

Onmyoji as not yue live-fire, can see the official launch of god, these days are basically in pairs and the type of the cp god is given priority to, the asuras and indra day like last year, for instance, while the fifth anniversary of the spirit and rice friends and so on, now god alone separate type have been rare, but a few special point, no cp,You can say that their feelings for the player are single-minded.The other shore flower: interactive, almost nothing of the individual scenarios also pretty interesting, indeed, before a CP passers-by Onmyoji SSR other shore flower, but the player is to the other shore flower when close view of the wife, the pure love you suddenly joined the tauren plot elements, official directly show the completely deleted the comic, became the black history, now flower still to hear himself sing.Fawn man: almost no see god had interaction or intersection, and other type is nothing directly related, and the strength is mainly the deer as a type of god; indeed involves the specific plot also not many, is heavily dependent on its own outstanding people, and that a good fighting skill intensity to mid, cp is what no one CARES about the deer.Painting of flowers and volume:Don’t get me wrong, one is the pure affection to birds and flowers and show, and show a strict sense, after all, is to have a wife and children, and the painting of flowers and the relationship between the volume is really not the sort of cp emotion, so the two do not have what relationship between cp and early SSR flower-and-bird volumes will give a person a kind of completely out-of-touch fairy’s feeling, because you really too few interaction,Even if there is interaction with the writers, it is only at the stage of official illustrations.Snow boy: communication with other gods is really not deep, from big uncle, but it seems that the interaction between snow son and big uncle really depends on the player’s imagination, in addition, the real interaction between the gods, that is, once and 100 ghosts had some interesting bicker experience, the rest is really gone.I wonder what kind of plot the official will add if there is a sp god.Two sides Buddha: the real Buddha is a type of god, civilian PVE activity with clear she work hard, all kinds of activities of that card, and basically all linkage hellspawn, where all don’t play with the two sides Buddha, can only say that real bad, and is related to the type of almost no god, the only thing that will pull on relations, also is the sunny abba.