Protoss: of all the useful and powerful 5-star weapons, which one holds the most value?

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In Primal God, many of the 4 star Max weapons are not that far apart from the 1 star Max weapons, but there are some differences with the 1 star Max weapons.Many players, even if they have multiple repeat weapons, will not refine them and will give them to another character.However, in the big guy’s eyes, full is the hard truth.So today, let’s take a look at each type of powerful weapon and see if there’s one you’re using.Single-handed sword Single-handed sword should be the least controversial, only because the fog was so strong that the green sword was far away.Full rank fog cut 674 white and 44.1% burst damage, a huge increase in the panel of the main C character, especially for characters with high attack requirements.While fog cut is passive, full essence gains 24% of all elemental damage, and gains 16/32/56% of all elemental damage when using normal attacks (normal attacks with elemental damage), elemental burst, and under energy.This passive has two elemental cups on top of it, and is arguably the most damaged weapon of all.Polearm Weapons Competitive polearm weapons are the shaver and the razor.A lot of players think that the razor is an auxiliary weapon for Thor, and therefore an auxiliary weapon, not a motorcycle shield.However, I would like to give the title of the greatest polearm weapon to the razor.For Raytheon, the 1 fine razor is not strong, but the full fine razor increases the output by more than 30% of 1 fine razor, and the need for panels is less, and the overall improvement is even around 40%.The full tier 608 has a white value and 55.1% elemental charge efficiency, which gives both Raytheon and Insulator a high benefit.Passive is more terrifying, full power can increase attack by 120% (about 260 charge, 250 full insulation sheath is enough, want to eat full passive about 265 charge), lightning general element charge can also be converted into lightning damage, this weapon full power output is definitely more than the protection.Two-handed Grand Sword is also less controversial, as the new red horn is really strong.Wugong and Teana are also powerful, but this honor goes to the only dual explosive weapon with five stars.With a white value of 542 and 88.2% burst damage, this is the best allocation for a doudou and maid who don’t need to attack, but only defend.The passivity of akagi – the king of the Imperial Garagh is even more powerful, full mana increases defense by 56%, increases the damage of general attacks and critical strikes (related to defense, full mana increases by about 2000), a considerable increase.Bow in the bow competition, Flying Thunder and winter class White star are the standouts.Amos is out too long, the numbers have not kept up.The damage difference between Thunder and winter is not very big, the non-winter polar white star is more comprehensive (lightning only improves normal attack), so this honor was given to the winter polar White Star.This bow came on stage with the second reproduction of Childe. As childe’s special weapon, this weapon really has some supermodels.608 white, 33.1% crit chance, base panel is standard dual explosive weapon panel.Full mastery passively increases elemental skill and elemental burst damage by 24%, and increases the damage done by 20/40/60/96% for 12 seconds after hitting an enemy with general attack, critical strike, elemental skill and Elemental Burst. The bonus time for all four types of damage is calculated independently.Faqi faqi is to be determined for the time being. If bazhong comes out, the special force of bazhong will certainly surpass all the existing faqi.However, none of the current five Star sorcerers can be played, such as four winds, dust lock and sky. One of the main reasons why sorcerers can’t play is because of the poor weapons.One of the better ones is dust lock, but the shield weapon is somewhat dependent on jongli.So at the end of the article, what other weapons do you think are useful?Feel free to leave a comment below and join other travelers in the conversation!