The new Trumpchi GS3 POWER is officially launched with a starting price of 84,800 yuan

2022-06-10 0 By

On April 7, GAC Trumpchi officially announced that the new Trumpchi GS3 POWER officially launched, launched 4 models, respectively 235T manual strength cool version, 270T automatic strength cool version, 270T automatic strength enjoy version, 270T automatic strength smart version, the price range is 84,800 ~ 102,800 yuan,It can bring us what highlights, let’s understand.Appearance design in the first place in terms of appearance, the new biography kei GS3 POWER the car whole feels more atmosphere, former face is the size larger polygon of the air intake grille, blackened treatment was conducted on the inside, and the horizontal thick chrome trim ornament, promoted the entire front face of delicate feeling, match again left and right sides of the sharp headlamp unit,Identification is very high, middle and grille added a yellow element of the ornament, make the whole face looked very individualize, before the automobile body side, the whole car ShenYao line is fluent, below is equipped with five radial modelling design of wheel hub, and joined the yellow coating in hub, to a certain extent adds to the lateral movement, in terms of body size,The length, width and height of this car are 4350 mm, 1825 mm and 1660 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2560 mm. Such size data occupy a great competitive advantage in the same level. The most attractive thing in the rear of the car is the duckling tail design on the tail door, and the taillightlight adopts irregular shape design.After being lit at night, the identification is very high, which greatly improves the safety of drivers and passengers driving at night. The exhaust pipe adopts hidden layout design, which is relatively low-key.Interior layout to vehicle interiors, the new biography kei GS3 POWER, the whole of this car interior layout more atmosphere, is equipped with a 10.25 -inch LCD control panel and 7 inches instrument, the information displayed is very rich, and resolution is very high, make the whole interior sense of science and technology, on the other configuration is also readily available,Equipped with rear parking radar, electric sunroof, cruise control, tire pressure display, multi-functional steering wheel, automatic air conditioning, the front seat belt is not attached to remind the practical function of everything, to the user in the driving process to bring great convenience.In terms of POWER, the new Trumpchi GS3 POWER will be equipped with 1.5T high and low POWER engines, of which the high POWER version has a maximum POWER of 169 HP and maximum peak torque of 265 N · m. In terms of transmission system, it is matched with a 6AT transmission.The low-power version of the engine has a maximum power of 163 HP and maximum peak torque of 235 N · m, and is matched in terms of powertrain by a six-speed manual transmission.