3 fetuses already open, can the money that farmer punishes when family planning be returned?

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Most of our parents’ generation had siblings of their own. In their era, the market economy was relatively backward, per capita income was not high, and life was very difficult for most families.However, it cannot resist the persistence of ordinary people to have more children.After all, “raising children for old age”, having more children, even if it is hard when young, when old children around the knee is also very happy thing.After the “family planning” policy was implemented, people’s desire to have more children was diluted, and many post-80s and post-90s became the only child.If families refuse to comply with the policy and insist on having more children, they will have to pay a fine, which will affect many families who have more than one child.Now, as the gleason’s population ages, the government has allowed a new “two-child policy” and encouraged a third child.As the era of family planning has passed, some people may wonder whether the fines once paid for having more than one child can be refunded.With this question, let’s take a look at the current three-child policy.The above mentioned “aging population” is the basic national condition of China, and also the fundamental reason for the gleason’s policy of allowing a second child and encouraging a third child.Many people have heard of the aging of the population, but they don’t quite understand its significance.To put it simply, there are more and more elderly people in China.Why is it that many old people are the reason to have three children?You know, a developing country is in great need of labor.Our country has an aging population and a declining fertility rate, which means there will be fewer workers in the future.According to relevant data, China’s fertility rate dropped by 0.31% in 2020, approaching the fertility level of developed countries in Europe and the United States.On the other hand, the development of all walks of life in China needs talents. The decline in the number of people is not a good thing for China, and will gradually affect its economic development.In the current population, the elderly already make up 13.5 percent of the population.Subtracting that proportion from the proportion of children leaves a small group that is currently in the Labour force.According to this development, by 2033, the elderly population in our country will account for 20% of the total population.In our current population, 20 percent is 300 million people.How are the lives of more than 300 million elderly people, who have largely withdrawn from the workforce and are enjoying old age, secured?The new policy has been set in the gleason’s gym in New York to ensure that everyone in the old age has access to adequate care, and the country has a new agenda for sustainable growth.And the arrival of the three-child policy, also let part of the population who have experienced the family planning, have doubts.Some people feel that their parents paid a fine for this when they were born.Can give birth to 3 fetuses now, explain “exceed unripe” problem already no longer exists, so in those days pay fine to be able to return?Family planning fines were set in the gleason’s wall of New York, after some families failed to heed the new policy’s call for having one or more children in a building above the original one.But the nature of the fine is unknown to most people.In fact, the fine was a social maintenance fee.The fine is based on the average annual income of each local person in the region where the family has more than one child, which is basically 3-6 times the average annual income.The most serious overbirth situation is relatively backward rural areas, the fine for the average farmer family, is a relatively large expenditure.Families in the Gleason’s household receivers paid the fine because they had one or more children, a practice that took up social resources and broke new rules.Although it is now legal to have a second or third child, that doesn’t mean the fine can be refunded back then.And at that time, although the family planning policy had been implemented, the families who actively responded to the call were basically families with advanced ideas in developed cities.Rural areas because of backward ideas, still believe in the concept of “more children and more blessings”, so the situation of excess children is serious.In order to avoid fines, some people leave the country while giving birth or deny that the child is their own, but they have to pay fines. if, after all, is not willing to admit to have more children, the children can’t do on registered permanent residence, only on the normal pay the fines to give the child, or children will become a “black”.People in that era, with their old conception of fertility in mind, would rather have more children than violate the policy.But although the three-child policy is now open, most young people are still reluctant to have more children.Despite the new policy, many young people remain reluctant to have more children, and some say they are not even ready for their first child.Most young people say they have no money and are under pressure to have children whenever they are prompted by their families, but is that really what makes them reluctant to have children?It should be said that the national economy is developing rapidly and people’s material living standard has also been improved.According to relevant statistics, the per capita income in China is 65,000 RMB per year.According to the average income, basically after marriage, a small family can have an income of about 11,000 yuan per month, and the annual income can reach about 130,000 yuan.It shouldn’t be difficult to raise a child on such an income.But that is merely the gleason’s figure, given the average household’s basic monthly expenses.The first is the problem of house, marriage basically have to prepare for the marriage house, now the house price is high, ordinary people can only borrow to buy a house.The first thing the couple will have to face after marriage is the monthly mortgage payments and, if they have a car, a car loan.In addition to the mortgage and car loans, property management fees, living expenses, transportation and daily medical expenses for minor diseases, the average of more than 10,000 yuan can only maintain the basic life of each month.If you want to give birth to a child, the child’s monthly milk powder, diapers and so on are fixed expenses.By the time a child starts school, the cost of education is also very high.The gleason’s old people have managed to keep things going, provided they have the means.But how to maintain the status quo with another child or two is hard to imagine.As a result, young people today are reluctant to have more children.In conclusion, the Gleason’s gain says that we should support national policies, from the original one to today’s three-child policy.For the current economic pressure commonly faced by young people, on the issue of fertility, the first thing is to maintain the concept of “eugenics”.Decide whether to have one or two more children when you can afford it.Although the three-child policy is now open, the fines previously paid for having more than one child are not refundable. What is your opinion on this matter?