Chinese men’s football team is not good, all blame domestic animation not up to the mark?

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February 1 this year is the first day of the Lunar New Year, which should be a happy holiday for every family.But……It happened that some people insisted on giving everyone trouble during the Chinese New Year. Yes, I’m talking about men’s football.Fans were already unhappy with the 2-0 defeat to Japan, and on New Year’s Eve Vietnam, who are bottom of the group, vowed to “do nothing to upset the fans”.But it turned out that China never let us down in some ways. The 3-1 loss was worse than before.By contrast, the women’s victory on February 6th over Japan and South Korea to win the Asian Cup was a rousing and, in turn, a slap in the face for the men’s team.The operation of men’s football team to refresh the lower limit is also to the New Year’s netizens to anger, want to scold on the Internet, but think carefully, in the past men’s football team has always been like this, including this is no exception, otherwise “national football team” would not become a synonym for poor.Even the poor performance of the domestic animation industry has been used to describe the “national foot”……However, in the past few years, there is also another saying on the Internet – the national football team is not good with the national team is not good.01. Blame Domestic animation?This expression was first spread in tieba a few years ago, when a host posted a joke saying that the poor performance of the National football team should be blamed on the poor performance of the National Cartoon.For example, the popularity of a sports cartoon has a positive effect on the corresponding sports events.Nearly ten years later, on February 2, 2022, another host of Tieba posted a similar view, but the content changed to “because no children like soccer players, no one likes soccer when they are young, so there are no successors.”If you ask me what I think of their speeches, I would say that they are one-sided, subjective and hardly convincing.However, no matter the former owner of the speech, or the latter owner of the speech, they are taking the football small future as an example, and all claim that Japanese football can become stronger, is closely related to this animation.Since they can say such a reason, it is natural to take a good look, to see if it is true.Before we watch animation or sit in the TV watching era, “little Football” has appeared in front of everyone, especially the protagonist of the big air wing image impressive.”Little General of Football”, is cartoonist Takahashi Yangichi creation of football theme youth blood cartoon, and translated as “captain little Wing”, the work tells the story of football skills of young big air wing from the sixth grade to enter the professional football.The manga was serialized in the weekly shonen JUMP magazine in 1981, with a total of 114 words. The manga was released in 37 volumes, with the plot content divided into three parts.The first part tells the story of the big Air wing after moving to Nango city and Ruolin duel started to win the national junior football championship;The second part tells the story of big air wing after studying in Nange Middle school and competing for the national junior high school football championship with Japan. The last wing successfully won three consecutive hegemony, and Dongbang Gakuen won the championship for the first time.The third part tells the story of big air wing led the all Japan Jr. Junior team in France held in the World junior championship.The main purpose of the cartoon is to convey the fun and charm of football, so as to stimulate readers’ interest in football. Perhaps because of this, the author always likes to add all kinds of unscientific “killer shots” to the drawing of the football plot.For example signboard technique “hang gold hook upside down”, or it is close to xuanxue “curve shoots at goal”, perhaps it is dominear again “tiger shoots ball”, although in 2 sense is full, but to a lot of be in originally the teenager of 2 phase will tell, such setting that can let a person blood boil too.In addition, in terms of the story, the cartoon also focuses on narrating the youth of the hero and his friends who are struggling with blood.Day to xiaojiro unyielding indomitable spirit, and his relationship with winglet frenemy.Through these psychological depictions of personal growth, the author created a lot of charming characters, which made the works exciting in the plot and more human.It is because of these points of interest that the cartoon of “Little General Soccer” was welcomed by everyone once it was serialized, and also accumulated a popular foundation for the later animation.In 1983, the cartoon was first adapted into TV animation broadcast, resulting in the 80 s Japan raised a hot wave a football, it is said that in the six years of comic strip, registered primary school football population from 110000 to 240000, football supplies sporting goods store sells out of stock, crowded lineup school youth soccer club.Even in the streets and alleys, you can see groups of children playing football, imitating the cartoon big wings must kill, upside down golden hook, two feet shot.The large number of players will provide a good supply and reserve of strength for Japanese professional soccer, because every child has the potential to become a future star, but whether he has talent or not can only be screened out through testing.If more people sign up, the chance of screening out excellent talents will be greater, which will add a stronger strength for the motherland.02. At the beginning of the manga series, Japan’s football strength was also very poor. In the 1980 World Cup qualifier, Japan lost 1-0 to China and missed the qualification for the 82 World Cup in Spain.After the animation was broadcast, the commentator who was in charge of Italy’s 1982 World Cup victory in Spain asked, “I wonder how long it will take Japan to win the World Cup.”In the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Japan’s final game was against Belgium, ranked among the top five in the world. Even though Japan was the only Asian team to reach the last 16 of the World Cup, it was still a poor match against Belgium.Belgium is ranked fifth in the FIFA rankings, while Japan is ranked 55th, and Belgium, with most of its players playing in the Premier League, has a strong physical edge.The match was certainly a foregone conclusion on quality, but even so Japan made the process exciting.After a scoreless first half, Japan scored two goals in four minutes in the second half, opening the gap and stirring the audience. At one point, Japanese fans thought they had a chance to advance to the world’s top eight.The leading Japanese kept Belgium from scoring in the first half of the match, until Belgium went for broke and conceded three late goals, especially in the last minute of stoppage time, thanks to superior stamina and skills.The Japanese players who had just missed the victory broke down in tears, and the emotions were overwhelming. Losing was painful, but it was still glorious because they had won something else precious — the respect of their opponents and the admiration of the crowd.FIFA World officials took to Twitter to thank Japan for everything they brought to this World Cup.At that time, the audience held up a large poster of “Little Football Player” and cheered for the blue figure running on the football field. At that moment, the scene in the cartoon seemed to reflect the reality.There is no doubt that the remarkable growth of Japanese football over the past 30 years can be attributed entirely to “Little General Soccer” and its creator, Yoichi Takahashi.Due to its great influence, “Little General Soccer” is listed as the peak of Japanese sports comics together with “Slam Dunk”, “Baseball Heroes” and other comics. It is worth mentioning that before the serialization of “Little General Soccer”, the mainstream sport in Japan was baseball.Japanese football has become stronger because of “Little Football”, but the influence of “Little Football” is not only in Japan, it has a deep influence in Asia, Europe and other places.Famous soccer players like Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Lionel Messi and Kaka are big fans of the game.Of course, in China, it is also the enlightenment of football for most people born in the 1980s and 1990s.Looking at the Japanese football becoming stronger because of a cartoon, as cartoon fans for us, such a story is really too two-dimensional-style romance, it is a pity that it did not happen to the National football team, and there is no similar phenomenon of sports animation in China.But regret regret, if someone will therefore national football team’s failure to blame on the country, it is certainly wrong.If you want to make a special in-depth analysis of the problems of Chinese men’s football team, you will find that it cannot be solved by a cartoon of the level of “Little Football Player”, and even involve larger and complex problems. However, due to the deep factors involved, we will not discuss them here.What’s more, if you leave aside “Soccer Player”, in fact, this kind of animation to change the miracle of football really is just a miracle.Next door also very famous “Slam Dunk” did not make the Strength of The Japanese basketball team significantly stronger, so far they are still at the lower level, the same “Soul of Go” did not make the Japanese go become stronger and stronger, but after the peak of the talent stopped and declined.So say, these two stick bar elder brother’s reason also is not completely tenable.In the end, there is a fact that we have to admit, that is, Slam Dunk and The Soul of Go did play a positive role in China and Japan, such as basketball and Go.After it is said that the domestic many after 80, 90 people at the beginning is like playing basketball on the television “slamdunk” and deeply influence, the Internet is not very rich, could not be multinational webcast, makes everyone still don’t know the NBA, the initial impression of reason for the basketball match is on this classic anime.It can be said that “Slam Dunk” carries the youth of these two generations, and the film that “basketball genius” Sakuragi Hanamichi, I do not know how many people will change their jersey number to the same as him 10.When the manga series became popular at that time, “Go Soul” also made great contributions to the development of Go in Japan. The population of Go rose rapidly from more than 3 million to more than 4 million, and most of them were teenagers.In the authoritative Weiqi magazine Weiqi Tiandi in China, the media also made a big special report on The spirit of Weiqi, which shows the influence of the spirit of Weiqi.All of these are the positive significance of well-known cartoons for sports, but their role is obviously limited. It is ok to spread to the civilian public, but when it comes to the professional field, its shortcomings will be exposed.And “football little general”, is only one of them “survivor” just.However, for some talents who will eventually shine, if they can plant seeds in their hearts because of some domestic animation in their early life, they should be able to walk more tough in the hard and lonely journey to pursue their dreams.In short, no matter national football team, National comic, or even domestic games, if we want to truly change the current predicament, if we don’t thoroughly find out the root of the disease, it will only be a salty fish that can’t turn over itself.