Longxi Township, Yongshun County: Multiple measures to meet the “ice and snow test”

2022-06-11 0 By

Rednet moment Xiangxi February 9 news (correspondent Zhang Guangzheng Liu Culture) February 7, when people have not returned to god from the family reunion in the New Year, a sudden snow can not wait to come to the world, like to share the joy of the New Year.Longxi township Party Committee and government of Yongshun County responded quickly. Zhang Degui, party secretary, led on-duty cadres, village cadres and party members to go out through the night despite heavy snow to investigate potential safety hazards on the township main roads and easy to freeze sections, implement traffic control and set up more than 10 warning signs.The investigation found that Lang Xi township cloud pan village su Jia gang section has frozen, cloud pan village and party cadres out, remind the driver to pay attention to slow, urge the past vehicles to hang anti-slip chain, a total of 17 vehicles trapped to help escape.The ice and snow, lang creek township timely warning information, through the radio coverage rang, xiangxi WeChat group of the people, SMS, combined with fire control “knocking” wait for a variety of carrier, timely release of major meteorological information, wind cold early warning signal, strictly implement the system of major shift and in charge of the leadership on duty 24 hours a day, to ensure that all kinds of emergency equipment is in good on standby,For the villagers safe festival escort.