Make history, Su Yiming pick silver!He was in The Taking of Tiger Mountain!Gu Ailing advanced to the final

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The men’s snowboard slopestyle final of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off at the Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou on February 7 at noon.China’s Su Yiming made Chinese Winter Olympics history by winning the silver medal in the event with a score of 88.70 in the second round.Max Parrott of Canada won with 90.96 points, followed by Mark McMorris of Canada with 88.53 points.In the previous day’s qualifying round, Su surprised the crowd with a score of 86.80 in the first round to qualify for the final, and finished first in the qualifying round.”Xiao Supan” has a clear judgment of the final. In his opinion, many masters who did not perform well in the qualification match will show their best state in the final. He is not shy about this, “I especially like to compete in the fierce competition.The 12 finalists appeared in reverse order of their qualifying results, with Su appearing as the finale.As expected before the Chinese junior snowboard competition, the athletes from all countries chose a completely different difficulty routine from the qualification competition.With the first round of qualifying Su Yi wong an entirely different, the first round of the competition is very intense, “little embolus” appearance, defending champion Raymond gerrard and Italian player emiliano has entered into the 80 club, Max parrot and mike morris two Canadian athletes had 79.86 points and 76.98 points respectively.The loudest cheers at Genting were still for Su, who successfully completed the first run and fulfilled his promise to “raise the bar”.However, the score on the scoreboard was somewhat disappointing for the nervous waiting pin, with 78.38 indeed below expectations.After the first round of the finals, he was fourth.The competition turned up the heat in the second round, with cancer fighter Max Parrott, a silver medalist at the Pyeongchang Olympics, coming out ahead with 90.96 points.McMorris chose to lower the difficulty and scored a better 80.85 than he did in the first round because of his better finish.His opponent’s performance also stimulated Su’s state of mind, and he lay down on the piste after successfully completing the first 1,800 turns of the course in round 2.With 88.70, the judges gave him the final score, placing him in second place on the report card and one step closer to his goal.In the third round, Max Parrott and Raymond Gerrard failed to surpass their previous scores, while Mark McMorris failed to surpass Su with 88.53 points.Small Emboli won 66.58, failing to go beyond the second round.In the end, Su scored 88.70 points in the second round to win the silver medal.Max Parrott of Canada won with 90.96 points, followed by Mark McMorris of Canada with 88.53 points.Su yiming was born in jilin province in 2004 to snowboarder parents.When he was four years old, his parents took him to the ski resort. “I loved this sport very much the first time.”In 2008-2009, when there was no snowboard suitable for children in China, Su stepped on a board that was taller than her own height, wearing a large hip guard to play.Falling in love with skiing also brought him another choice in life.When the film the Taking of Tiger Mountain was looking for a young actor, Su was just the right age for the directing team, and his skiing video surprised the directing team — there was a scene in the film where the guerrillas couldn’t keep up with the speed of “Xiao Pin”.Su Yiming, a snowboarder, learned to double board in a day.”I thought it was a kid playing a ski genius, but I never thought it was a ski genius playing a kid!”In the movie, a character called “Emboli”, played by Su Yiming, flies over a snow-covered mountain and says “I’m afraid you can’t catch up”.Some netizens jokingly said, “This is the victory of the guerrillas, now to win the Olympics.”He also appeared in “Your Highness the Wolf,” “Days of My Life,” “Snow in the Woods,” and “Kid Rock.”Su Yiming plays “Second child” in Born in the Bright Days.▲ Co-star Wang Dalu, as Liu er in Your Highness Wolf.▲ As Shui An in The Snowy Forest.▲ Starring in Kid Rock.Before the Beijing Winter Olympics, director Tsui Hark, executive producer Huang Jianxin and producer Yu Dong sent their best wishes to Su yiming, wishing him good results and glory for the country.Gu Ailing made her debut at the Beijing Winter Olympics by qualifying for the women’s freestyle ski platform in the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday morning and advanced to the final.Gu Scored 89.00 in the first qualifying round of women’s freestyle platform.Gu Eiling made a mistake in the second qualifying round of women’s freestyle platform.Gu Scored 72.25 points in the third qualifying round of women’s freestyle platform.Congratulations to Gu Ailing!Let’s cheer for Gu Ailing at 10:00 tomorrow!Edit | segment chain du proofreading | He Xiaotao The daily economic news from the CCTV news, the Beijing news, public information, etc Delta, after Mr Mick Dijon strain and global pandemic, the daily economic news