Russia only keeps troops on the border with Ukraine to protect the Donbass region

2022-06-11 0 By

This crisis to Ukraine, like many blurred the focus, tuen heavily not to the Ukraine and Russia, they stared at the donbass along the border between Russia and Ukraine, which is east region, including donetsk and lugansk part of this region inhabited mostly russians, was the Soviet industrial locomotive, zones of the Soviet union, by Moscow crown,Speed to the region on the administrative and Ukraine it doesn’t matter, and aiming high, disdain for Ukraine, want to return to Russia, but Russia back after the Crimean isolation, pressure is too great, for east region just covets, bad back directly, so that they formed an independent republic is a compromise, however, once Russia does worry about Ukraine to join NATO,Udon separatist regions will position, will be clear, this is Russia’s public opinion can’t promise, Russia in Russia and Ukraine border tuen heavily it is for the sake of the country, to be honest they do not have what interest to Ukraine in other areas, the United States will consider that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was because they see wu east region and the Ukrainian government irreconcilable contradictions,The New Minsk agreement is unlikely to last. If another conflict breaks out, Russia is bound to be drawn in, because its relations with the region are not just bitter, but common, and the region is so powerful that it accounts for more than a third of Ukraine’s industrial output.This seems to be reminiscent of anti-AMERICAN aid to North Korea.The Donbas region, by the way, is the setting of the Soviet classic The Young Guards.