Last year, profits of state-owned enterprises increased by more than 30%

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Major performance indicators of state-owned and state-controlled enterprises in China have maintained growth from January to December 2021, showing steady progress in the state-owned economy, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Finance on Monday.Of this, the total profits of soes reached 4,516.48 billion yuan, up 30.1% year on year and up 12.1% on average in the past two years.”China’s state-owned economy operated steadily in 2021, supporting steady and rapid economic growth.In 2021, the second year of the three-year campaign for soE reform, soE have developed and achieved remarkable results, achieving rapid profit growth and steadily improving efficiency, “he said.Chinese Academy of Social Sciences financial strategy Research institute director he Daixin said.Statistics show that from January to December 2021, the total operating revenue of soes reached 7.555436 trillion yuan, up 18.5 percent year-on-year and up 9.9 percent on average over the past two years.Of this, central enterprises reached 4.1727.93 trillion yuan, up 17.7% year on year and 7.8% on average in two years.Local soes reached 3.382644 trillion yuan, up 19.5% year-on-year and 12.7% on average over the past two years.Of the total profits realized by central enterprises, 2.861 trillion yuan, up 27% year-on-year and 12.4% on average in two years;Local soes reached 1.655.47 trillion yuan, up 35.9% year on year and an average increase of 11.5% in the past two years.From January to December, state-owned enterprises paid 535.99 trillion yuan in taxes and fees, up 16.6 percent year on year, among which central enterprises paid 3,623.41 billion yuan, up 14 percent year on year, and local State-Owned enterprises paid 1,732.58 billion yuan, up 22.6 percent year on year.In addition, at the end of December 2021, the asset-liability ratio of State-Owned enterprises was 63.7%, up 0.3 percentage points; that of central enterprises was 67%, up 0.5 percentage points; and that of local State-Owned enterprises was 61.8%, up 0.3 percentage points.”In 2022, the state-owned economy will continue to play an irreplaceable role in stabilizing the national economy and the broader macro economy.””He said.Source Economic Daily editor Duan Lanqian editor Tian Minjia Yang Tao