Liu Shaoang sound for the gold medal, but the netizen was angry: record score Huang Daxian half, you roll together

2022-06-12 0 By

At the Winter Olympics, Wu Dajing, Li Wenlong and Ren Ziwei joined hands to attack the gold medal, the result of the three people together failed to reach the final, and finally Liu Shaoang won the gold medal in 40.338 seconds, the first personal and Hungarian delegation gold medal.Liu shaoang broke his silence after the game, speaking out on social media.Due to the interference of This Huang Daxian, Wu Dajing in the semifinal group third, 0.016 seconds inferior to advance, the final also did not have the Figure of the Chinese players.In the end, Liu shao-ang withstood the pressure to beat Yvliev and Dubois to win his first Olympic gold medal.After the competition, Liu couldn’t hide his excitement, updating his personal social media to express his joy at winning the gold medal.Liu was clearly overjoyed, but Internet users were not impressed.Many netizens said, Congratulations, give Hwang half the gold medal.Thank your wife Hwang Dae-heon.”Half of the gold medal should be given to the Korean team.” “You have a good cooperation. Take the gold medal and go with Hwang Dae-heon.”Why are netizens so angry?Earlier in the 1000m race, Hwang Daheon was eliminated in the semifinals and Liu Shaolin was disqualified in the final, losing the gold medal. South Korean media reported that the two teams chose to work together to eliminate China’s home advantage.Finally, Hwang daheon won the gold medal in 1500 meters, while Liu Shaoang won the gold medal in 500 meters, breaking the embarrassment of 0 gold.In both events, there were no Chinese players in the final, and even Hwang deliberately disturbed Wu Dajing by lifting his skate blade while sliding, resulting in wu’s elimination, which seemed to confirm rumors of cooperation between the two teams.It is not hard to explain why netizens joked that Liu Shao-ang would give the gold medal to Hwang.”At the World Championships in March 2018, Liu Shao-ang overpowered Han Tian-yu and han was carried out on a stretcher with a waist injury,” read one highly praised comment.He later said he hoped Han tianyu would recover soon, but mocked the referee on other platforms for treating him unfairly.At the last Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Liu took to social media to insinuate that The Chinese team was not clean.At the end of 19th, Liu shaolin and Wu Dajing collided. The latter was badly injured in his hip bone and lay on the ground unable to get up for several minutes, but Liu Shaolin chose to look on and do nothing.”All in all, Shaolin and Shaoang are out of love, and the doubts won’t be silenced by Shaoang winning Olympic gold.Some netizens even called the Yoo brothers “actors” and “double faces,” revealing hypocrisy inside and out.