Ruyang County road 88 and five Bridges have legal names

2022-06-12 0 By

After the New Year, Ruyang County People’s Government Office issued ruyang County People’s Government Office No. [2022]5 document “Notice of Ruyang County People’s Government Office on Printing and Distributing Ruyang County Urban Planning Area and Industrial Agglomeration Area Expansion Space Development Planning Area and Xiaodian Town General Planning Area Partial Road naming Scheme”.A total of 88 roads, such as Yanhuang Road, 5 Bridges were standardized naming.Among them, 55 roads and 5 Bridges have been built, to be built and planned within the county urban planning area.20 roads have been built, to be built or planned within the planning area of industrial agglomeration expansion space development;Small shop overall planning area has been built, to be built, planning 13 roads.In accordance with the requirements for “luoyang placename management method”, named after the road involves public security and living building, urban management, natural resources, transportation and other related departments and units should cooperate closely, completes the propaganda work, and work according to their respective duties and the management of place names, as soon as possible to complete the road named after the change, traffic, road signs, markers of Settings, and so on each work.All units and citizens shall strictly use standard place names. No units or individuals shall use the standard place names in the media or other public places without approval, and the standard place names shall not be altered without authorization.From now on, newspapers, magazines, map publications, news reports and written letters shall all use the standard names now determined.Any department or unit that prints publications using dense geographical names must report the contents involving geographical names to the county civil affairs bureau for examination before printing.