Thank you for living up to the promise of ice and snow volunteers for the Winter Olympics to contribute to the strength of youth

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At 9 am on February 3, kang Weihao, a 2020 undergraduate student at the College of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science of Hebei University of Technology, took a shuttle bus to the National Cross-country Ski Center in Zhangjiakou area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games to receive the last training before the Opening of the Winter Olympic Games.”My volunteer position is photography assistant, and my service mainly includes guiding photojournalists to various photography sites and supervising and managing photography sites during the competition.”In the connection, Kang Weihao’s voice is full of excitement.”Six fixed photographic sites are distributed in a vast white valley, with few auxiliary markers, most of which can only be seen and remembered by mind.”Kang weihao said that the event service work of the snow Venue is mainly outdoor. During the pre-race training period, he has walked five or six laps of the track, and he has been familiar with every photography point and relevant matters needing attention according to the map every day. He has taken more than 20,000 steps on average every day.In addition to a wide range of services, low temperature, strong wind, snow and ice will also challenge volunteers’ physical fitness.”Fortunately, I ran 5 kilometers every day during the training, which had a certain foundation. Besides, the clothes given to volunteers were light and warm. The volunteer home also provided warm bao for us.”Kang weihao said.The job of photography assistant also requires high adaptability.”We need to dissuade journalists from stepping out of the camera location in a timely manner. At the same time, we need to avoid the location of the broadcast and not affect the normal competition and photography. We will also come into contact with many foreign journalists during our service, so we need strong adaptability and communication skills.”Kang weihao said that in addition to daily training, he also made a lot of preparation, including the common English related to the Olympics, how to effectively respond to emergencies, etc. “MY goal is only one: to serve the Beijing Winter Olympics well.”Kang weihao said that in addition to material support, volunteers will also be provided with professional teachers in charge of team building, living guarantee and psychological guidance. They will also be able to make video calls with their families during breaks. He is full of passion and expectation to witness and serve the Winter Olympics on site.”I feel extremely honored and proud to volunteer for the Winter Olympics.”Kang weihao said, as an Olympic volunteer, in addition to the content of the service, but also assume the responsibility of telling the Story of China, the voice of China, “I will do my best, with a good spirit, professional knowledge and skills to contribute to the Winter Olympics youth strength, ‘together for the future’!”(Reporter Jiang Ning) Source: Tianjin Daily