Why Does the World Not Exist

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Why does the World Not Exist? By Marcus Gabriel. Translated by Wang Xi and Zhang Zhenhua.Markus Gabriel, the author of this book, became a chair professor at the University of Bonn at the age of 28. He is the youngest philosophy professor in Germany and a representative figure of the new trend of contemporary philosophy, “New Realism”.The German version of this book, published in 2013, is a faithful translation of the original German text, which is reliable, vivid and fluent, and is the only choice for Domestic readers to understand this philosophical trend.Interesting popular works.Although this book is a pure philosophical introduction to the current academic trend, the author’s writing style is simple and vivid, rather than boring and long philosophical books and papers.The author is very good at taking examples from life, and borrows a lot of examples from contemporary media such as novels, films and television to integrate difficult theories into daily life, without losing depth and fun.Mai Bei mall – authentic products at low prices, express delivery timely, a comprehensive online shopping mall to buy and sell babies