All suspects were arrested and Astrazeneca China was interviewed

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Source:Global times for astrazeneca pharmaceutical co., LTD. Staff suspected tampering with cancer genetic testing results to defraud the situation of the medical insurance fund, said an official with the national health insurance bureau fund supervision, the preliminary report according to the clues, national health insurance bureau urged shenzhen set up the health, public security, health, market supervision departments of joint planning,An in-depth investigation into the case has been carried out and all the suspects have been arrested.Recently, the national health insurance bureau joint of the Ministry of Public Security for astrazeneca China has carried on the interview about chief, reported cases periodic progress, astrazeneca China strictly abide by the laws and regulations, fully cooperate with related departments for further investigation, and immediately carry out internal checking, plug up loopholes in marketing regulation, strengthen the employee to obey the law education, strengthen the sense of integrity,Timely exposure about the rectification situation.According to the interview requirements, Astrazeneca China timely contacted shenzhen Municipal Health Insurance Bureau and Public Security Bureau for follow-up investigation of the case, urged employees who committed similar acts to voluntarily surrender to the police, and announced the case and self-examination and rectification on the company’s official website.In the next step, the National Medical Insurance Administration will cooperate with the Ministry of Public Security and the National Health Commission to carry out a special crackdown on the behavior of tampering with genetic test results to defraud medical insurance funds nationwide, carry out a comprehensive investigation, severely crack down on such fraud in accordance with laws and regulations, and resolutely protect people’s “medical treatment money” and “life saving money”.Here, also urge relevant enterprises and personnel to have similar behavior, immediately to the seat of the medical insurance department and the public security department to surrender, for leniency.