Bad person: as an older generation, why is sister like a child?

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Sister as an older generation, why the body like a child?Sister as an agreemenet taught fathers, until the one behind the dynasty, experienced the passage, but now he is just a toddler, the prince of the devils, female emperor, mingzong of later tang belong to an era with her, now already old, even now she like snow, xing-yun li looks also enough qualified for her brother, sister, younger again small north basic didn’t her so little,Why is she so young?A day, sister, may be the science of uniting the nine mysterious magic, everyone knows that ghost emperor alkaloids in the science of uniting the nine mysterious day after thoroughly became toddlers, originally ghost emperor’s a tall, dark man, this is the side effects of alkaloids in nine mysterious day, and it is said that nine mysterious magic is ghost emperor with resin create together, sister is resin progenitor drop, another big sister’s voice like the sound of ghost emperor got.Second, the big sister could also be a kid mu of tianshan mountain, « bad people » there are many old monster, examples of plough is lived three hundred years, yuan song wentong meteorite raw method can make people live, on the other hand, there will be a period of the tang dynasty Yang, xing-yun li used to find the records in dungeons, but didn’t see them, guess Yang is still alive,And sister don’t plough yuan long crude drugs, nor meteorite method, estimated by achievement method to keep youth, only tianshan kid mu in the martial arts drama have the power, as the ancestor of the resin, always is different from ordinary people, the corpse, Hou Qing change hydro-engineering funeral bomb, the big sister may is to rely on blood (similar to tianshan kid mu), although she kawaii, another personality does not blink to kill her,Bajal’s army died before they could react.Third, big sister may be reincarnated child body, longevity, astrology, fortune-telling, raised her as snow, « » worldview is not martial arts drama already bad people, so, maybe sister soul is an adult, the body is just a child, maybe she has two souls, because big sister is double personality, a grinning, good-hearted, another martial arts high strength the killing,Have you seen Angela’s background?”Girl body royal sister heart”, in fact, Angela was a little girl, because playing in the forest was sealed for thousands of years merlin took away, merlin will use Angela’s body five kill, sister is after all the underworld teach corpse ancestor, ability will always be related to the ghost.Either way, it’s good for Wayan to act like a toddler, not only for the audience to enjoy, but also for Wayan to blend into the younger generation of leading roles!Two yuan update for you, looking forward to attention!