Confidence is more important than gold

2022-06-13 0 By

The three major stock indexes sharply down again, the Shanghai composite index fell 1.78%, shenzhen stock fell 2.77%, to 3.25%, the gem panic on capital flight is apparent in the today, whether short-term funds of the midline was significantly impact, on Tuesday I just mentioned in the closing comments, though fell on Tuesday but Yin down trend, panic has not been released,Therefore, before the festival there must be a panic mood release, the mood can appear at the bottom, after today’s release, we can relieve a sigh of relief, because the market will formally enter the stage of grinding the market bottom.Tomorrow is the last trading day before the festival, according to the usual practice, there will be funds in advance in the afternoon tomorrow, at least for arbitrage to get off to a good start, but tomorrow there will be a rebound opportunity.Do not at this time the low ticket chip to hand over, it is easy to sell in the lowest position, the high ticket is to sell in time.With the mood of the bottom of the emergence, we think the dawn of dawn is about to appear, do not fall in the dawn of darkness, through the winter, fang see spring!In addition, panic decline, belongs to the systemic change, don’t feel bad, the confidence is more important than gold, not from a policy or financing area, don’t have the conditions of the system of risk, the policy surface as the beginning of the year, 14 or 15 planning at the top of the top-level design of the overall economy and industry design are constantly introduce, after will continue to overweight,On the financial front, China’s target for 2022 is steady growth and monetary easing, so there is obviously no major risk.Therefore, we must have confidence!I believe there will be more new directions after the festival!