“Go to work gene test, go off work Hanfu fluttering” 95 hind “contrast meng” girl is so tide

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Correspondent (direction) in Wuhan Garden Expo Park Hankou deng Shuting born in 98 years to see, she is wearing the Song system of Hanfu, support an oil-paper umbrella, Tingting curl out of the early spring mist.There are children playing nearby, run a few steps to catch up with her, turned to stare at her curiously and admiringly.She greeted the child with a smile and walked calmly and leisurely away.Over the weekend, the post-1995 girl started her hanfu life again.On weekdays, she works as a researcher in genetic testing and cancer screening.Whether it is buried research gene or change into Hanfu players, Deng Shuting AB side is no problem.Just as she said, don’t make fun of the post-1995 generation, we are so independent and love life.Genetic testing, tumor screening hair pulled up, rigorous and pragmatic future career direction early in the heart sowed seeds.Junior middle school, Deng Shuting does not love to read xianxia, also do not love fantasy, but like to read “Compendium of Materia Medica”, a read is a few hours.In 2016, she was admitted to Jiangxi Normal University and resolutely chose her favorite biology major.During college, the summer vacation was devoted to all kinds of plants and germs.In her freshman year, she went to the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Inner Mongolia with her elder brother to study grassland ecology and desertification. When she returned home to Wuhan in two months, her family mocked her for being “eight degrees darker”.She studied pathogen screening in Jiangxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, accompanying with cholera, which frightened her family. She consoled them in turn, saying, “Everything is well protected as required, why worry?”After graduation, back to her hometown of Wuhan, Deng Shuting entered the optical Valley of a high-end medical professional examination service inspection platform.Usually, before entering the biological laboratory, you have to pull up your long hair, put on a white coat, put on a mask, gloves.Then blood is drawn, DNA is extracted, and PCR is done.The concentration of DNA samples extracted in the natural state is generally low, and they usually need to be amplified by PCR before they can be used for detection, sequencing, transgenic and other operations), and then sequenced by sequencer…For “decoding life” view, Deng Shuting pour feel not so lofty.Genetic testing is an emerging technology that diagnoses diseases and predicts the risk of diseases by detecting and analyzing human genes through blood, other body fluids or cells, based on scientific theories such as genomics and bioinformatics.”Technology is increasingly for the masses. That’s the trend.”Genetic testing to identify risks, followed by scientific prevention and intervention, will ultimately reduce the risk and make it possible to “cure” the disease, she said.In fact, genetic testing is not far away from us. Whether it is the common non-invasive prenatal genetic testing (NIPT), a series of cancer screening such as cervical cancer and ovarian cancer, or even the nucleic acid testing that almost everyone of us has experienced in the past two years, all belong to genetic testing technology.Not being able to bring her phone to work helped wean her off her addiction to it.”I don’t want to spend so much time on my phone.”At home, shopping are wearing Hanfu greatly square spread traditional culture after work, Deng Shuting became – “book ink”, this is the number she gave herself.She fell in love with Hanfu since high school. When she went to college, she joined the Zhongzheng Hanfu Club and became obsessed with hanfu.Speaking of their favorite Hanfu, Deng Shuting gushed: “Han Dynasty composed and beautiful, Tang Dynasty atmosphere gorgeous, Wei Jin elegant, song fresh and elegant, Ming dignified elegant…”And these through thousands of years of Chinese clothes, from where, from who the body, the millennium “mystery” is Deng Shuting is most willing to explore the end.”The shape and system of Hanfu are different, the most representative is the Female song train of Han Dynasty (representative unearthed cultural relic Han Horse Wang Dui) Tang Dynasty tancollar and chests skirt.”She made a special trip to the Hunan Provincial Museum to see the printed and colorful yellow gauze brocade robe unearthed in 1972 from the No. 1 Han Tomb in Mawangdui, Changsha.”A fu made by the combination of printing and colored drawing is a very colorful fashion for aristocratic women in the Han Dynasty. In the past, it only existed in ancient documents. Now, it comes from the prototype, turning over the collar, right front and straight train…Coupled with the illusion of lianas, there are more beautiful costumes, so that we can easily ‘travel through’ time to see the customs of 2,000 years ago.”When playing outside, Deng Shuting love to wear song system, slender and comfortable body, narrow sleeve shirt mattress, lower body long skirt, walk to swaying appearance, add elegant beauty.In her spare time, she took part in the Hanfu and Huafu festivals in Wuhan, Xi ‘an and Hangzhou. The best thing she could see was playing side by side with the famous men of Wei and Jin dynasties who were wearing “bao Yi Bo belt” and wearing a pair of wooden clogs (similar to the mountaineering shoes worn by white-collar workers nowadays). Her heart stayed in the landscape and countryside.At home when concentration makes manual headdress, Deng Shuting once again “passes through” the wu Zhou period that returned empress Wu Zetian to rule, wearing tang system Han fu, shallow red unlined upper garment, winding a week in front of overlapping fleshly red gauze gauze, as if a shawl clothes, “powder chest half mask suspects fine snow”.In March 2020, she wore Hanfu with her family.She was dressed in Song dynasty hanfu, her mother and grandmother in Ming Dynasty Hanfu, her father and brother in modern clothes. The whole family took a picture of the whole family spanning thousands of years.In her opinion, the beauty of fine clothes is called Hua, and the great etiquette is called summer.Clothes and clothing directly become part of the definition of “Huaxia”.As an ancient country, Chinese culture and Chinese clothes have always been inseparable.The deep clothes of the hidden body are full of the connotation of etiquette and law;Thin and transparent Luo Shan, conveyed the implicit aesthetic feeling, the change of the dress, bearing the pursuit of freedom…Chinese clothes show the beauty of clothes, but also the coexistence of courtesy and fashion, implicative and unrestrained Chinese spirit.”The child has never been worried.I have self-discipline in study and life.”Deng Shuting mother said, her daughter from a young idea is very good, know what kind of life you want, the adults also respect her, support her.”Three years ago, I was walking on the street wearing Hanfu, but some people thought it was Hanfu!”Deng Shuting recalled, now, walking in the street, people have a certain understanding of Hanfu, look at the vision has become appreciation and tolerance.”Thanks to the efforts of many online platforms, young people have found a stage to showcase themselves, such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu and Pinduoduo…”Hanfu is gradually out of the circle, and the culture of Hanfu has gradually returned to the public and entered the life of ordinary people.”In the past, the price of Hanfu was generally high.”Deng Shuting remembers that three or four years ago, a single Hanfu four or five hundred yuan start, a set of down at every thousand yuan, “now a lot of parity, like The Hanfu flagship store on The Duo duo, 100 yuan can also buy a set of good quality.Deng Shuting said, in recent years the online platform hanfu up, their online shopping hanfu will also use the rigorous style of scientific research: “I will carefully compare shop qualifications, and then the style, design, work, practice out of real knowledge, bought several times, found that spell more to buy is indeed the most cost-effective.”Deng Shuting said, he recently just took a look at the chi Xia flagship store in a song system lapel skirt, 168 yuan can be done, ready to start, as his birthday gift.Deng Shuting said, nearly a year she has been in the fight a lot of flower god, chi Xia Han clothing flagship store bought more than 10 sets of Han clothing, like one of the tang dynasty heavy industry embroidery big sleeve upper garment chebuz skirt, less than 300 yuan, pink pink tender color, delicate green plum embroidery, scattered jinchai, super mind.She also invites her friends in the “Hanfu circle” to place orders together from time to time, and they often share good things.”Now, online platforms are pushing the producers and designers of Hanfu to think about how to make the original work better and make the price more affordable. My circle of girlfriends and hanfu has expanded.”For the external evaluation of the “95” of the various labels, Deng Shuting looked very open – each age has not been defined?Finally, you have to define your own life.”I love reading Molecular Biology of Genes, and A Dream of Red Mansions. I love decoding mysterious genes, and I buy Hanfu on Pindu Duo…The young generation has a different approach to life. They should finish their work at work, develop their hobbies in their spare time, and plan their time well so that they don’t let themselves get too tired.”Interestingly, whether deng Shuting love career, or obsessed with Hanfu, there are a lot of big man level characters exist, and she does not worship, only with respect and appreciation.She said, there is really no star, idol let her worship.Perhaps this is the unique point of the new generation of “post-1995” : do not blindly follow, do not worship, believe in themselves.