Isolation does not separate the “doctor”!Binzhou has implemented hierarchical treatment management to ensure the normal medical needs of the masses

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How to “reassure” quarantine personnel?How to ensure the routine use of chronic disease residents?How to let specific groups of people see a doctor?As early as the beginning of this round of epidemic, Binzhou city made relevant plans for citizens seeking medical treatment during the epidemic, implementing measures from the aspects of psychological care, drug purchase services, medical treatment, emergency measures and so on, effectively maintaining the guarantee of medical treatment for the masses.”Hello, I am the psychiatrist at the isolation point. If you feel any mood changes during the isolation period, you can call us at any time.”In Zouping City Dongsheng hotel centralized isolation medical observation point, isolation personnel Mr. Wang will receive isolation point psychological care phone every day, so that he felt warm and comfort in the dry isolation life.”The isolation environment is relatively closed, the space is small, and the fear of COVID-19 can easily lead to anxiety.According to the work arrangement of the city, when we set up the medical team at the quarantine point, we introduced a staff with psychological counseling qualification to help the quarantined people relieve their emotions.”Tang Xingzhou, head of zouping epidemic prevention and control quarantine point, introduced.In addition, when each quarantined person enters the quarantine point, the staff will first establish a temporary health record for him/her, which will record his/her disease history and chronic disease condition, systematically grasp his/her health management status and normal drug use requirements, and ensure that each quarantined person can “feel at ease” in isolation.On March 25, a villager in Dongniu Village, Shuiluopo town, Yangxin County, reported to the village cadres that he had run out of antidepressant drugs and needed to go to binzhou city hospital to buy them.With the need of epidemic prevention and control, the city of Binzhou has implemented closed management and strict temporary traffic control. When people go to binzhou urban hospital to buy drugs, they cannot go out and get them. What can be done?Shuiluopo town responsible person to understand the situation, immediately sent liaison and binzhou urban hospital contact to buy drugs.After much coordination, the medicine was finally delivered to the villagers.Buy medicines liaison delivery to your door “in accordance with the deployment in city, we evaluated integratedly as unit, set up the special medical health care team and arrange for family doctors and volunteers medical health service liaison, enrich, special to the team for centralization, control area and home quarantine personnel organization purchase online free clinics, health education, medicine, follow-up and guidelines, etc.”Zhang Yong, head of epidemic prevention and control in Yangxin County, said that village liaison staff should go to health centers or pharmacies to buy general medicines, and for special medicines, they can contact health departments to purchase them.”Thank you so much, you are our family’s lifesaver!”March 27, Zouping city Linchi Town Bai Jia village maternal family members bai bowed to the staff, while thanking.The original March 23 night, Bai mou at home waiting for his wife amniotic fluid suddenly burst, and contractions.Brothers and sisters have no policy to contact the village, and through the town’s medical security special class emergency transfer to the designated hospital Zouping downtown hospital.During the transfer process, the Ministry of Public Security sent police cars to lead the way, opened up a green channel, and quickly escorted the pregnant woman safely to the hospital.A baby girl was delivered early the next morning, and mother and daughter are doing well.On The 27th, the ambulance took them and their family home.Emergency measures in place March 26, difeng Street, Wudi County, ginza Jiayi centralized isolation point, child Qiqi has been crying, and the right arm can not move.Difeng Street Community Health Service Center Dr. Liu Jicheng immediately do a good job of protection into the isolation room, qiqi for examination.Kiki was diagnosed with subluxation of the radial head of the right elbow joint.Dr. Liu Jicheng for dislocation of qiqi manual reset Liu Jicheng side to comfort qiqi’s emotions, while she carried out a manual reset.Immediately, kiki stopped crying and regained normal movement of her right arm, much to the relief of those present.’Thank you, thank you so much!Kiki’s parents kept saying.”During the epidemic period, in order to ensure timely and effective medical treatment for citizens, Binzhou implemented hierarchical treatment management for patients treated at county level: patients with chronic diseases and ordinary patients with nucleic acid test certificates within 24 hours went to town and street health centers and community health service centers for diagnosis and treatment;Patients in isolation points, containment areas, control areas and other specific areas shall be treated in designated county-level hospitals;The emergency patients in the prevention area were treated in specific county-level hospitals.At the same time, the city, according to the actual situation, designated secondary and above hospitals as’ yellow code ‘reserve hospitals, as the overall planning of the city’s graded treatment backup supplement.”Binzhou city health committee party secretary, director Shang Xiuli said.For special groups, such as pregnant women, uremia patients and cancer patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the government has cooperated with the public security department to open a green channel for medical rescue, which is escorted by police cars throughout the whole process, ensuring efficient and rapid treatment.In addition, counties and urban areas have publicized the telephone numbers of medical experts in various disciplines at the social level, providing 24-hour services.Family doctors help residents with medical consultation and health knowledge popularization through wechat health management groups and service phones.- End-Writing: Su Peng, Guo Haitao, Wang Lili, Guo Shujun