Qilin District: High-standard farmland Construction turns “grain field” into “good field”

2022-06-13 0 By

Another spring came, tian a few days of leisure, arable land from now on.Recently, walking into the high-standard farmland construction project site of Fase Village, Dongshan Town, Qilin District, bulldozers are working back and forth, a busy scene…Looking ahead, the fragmentary small fields of “land blocks and low ridges” of more than 3700 mu in the past gradually show the modern farmland landscape of “square fields, connected roads and connected pipelines”.Photo taken on March 14, 2018 shows the construction site of the dry water diversion project in our village. “Since the resumption of work on January 6, the excavation and transportation of earthworks have been completed, and 10 plough roads have also been built.At present, faze village land leveling, dam excavation, management house construction, pipeline laying and other high standard farmland construction tasks have been completed 45%.Next, we will speed up the construction of the remaining 1,500 mu, which is expected to be completed by April 10.”The head of the village said.Photo taken on March 14, 2018 shows zhang Yongxin, a farmer in Yangbai Village of Dongshan Township, east China’s Shandong Province. He has been planting farmland all his life.”Our village used to be a patchwork of broken fields, not to mention land transfer, villagers are not willing to farm.”With the implementation of high-standard farmland transformation this year, the villagers pay attention to their land again.”The surrounding area of our village itself has little arable land and scattered land. It is not only difficult to farm, but the income is low, and young people have gone to work,” he said.This year, the high standard of the farmland reform, I saw the fields are even into a piece, not to mention the whole circulation, their own planting is also very convenient.”Construction site (March 14) taken in recent years, kirin area to promote the building of a high standard farmland, according to the construction of “unified planning, unified layout, unified the standard, unified organization acceptance inspection, unified above warehousing” requirements, the surrounding farmland productivity, irrigation and drainage capacity, field road traffic transport ability, the comprehensive production capacity and mechanization level, science and technology application ability, etc.,The improvement and transformation of irrigation and water conservancy infrastructure, strengthening soil improvement and fertility cultivation, have promoted the high-quality and sustainable development of agricultural industry in Qilin District.Photo taken on March 14, 2018 shows that more than 100,000 mu of high-standard farmland has been built in The region from 2017 to 2021.Kirin area 2022 high standard farmland construction project of 44800 mu, of which 08900 mu efficient water-saving irrigation, the project involved in dongshan town, yue state town, Mr. Camp town, sanbao streets, street along the river, the pearl street, xiaoxiang three town four streets, street project was started in January 20, 2022 field reconnaissance design, as of March 7, 2022,Eighteen thousand mu of dongshan and Ciying towns have passed the municipal expert review and issued a tender announcement in qujing Public Resources Trading Center, while the rest of the twenty-six hundred mu is under design.Text and text: Li Li, Cao Wenqi, Wang Huafang, Duan Qionghui