The Scenery new 580 leads, the scenery SUV family shines at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show

2022-06-13 0 By

November 19, 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show officially opened, Dongfeng well-off company with a number of SUV models appeared in 4.2 hall.Just listed six wisdom to choose new 580 suvs scenery at the guangzhou auto show fully demonstrated to the world “the family is really comfortable and comfortable” charm of products, in addition, the scenery painted 580 edition, 2022 scenery is also on the amount of cars produced 500, full of cool style outdoor cross-country wind blast revised 500 has become the scenery scenery stands a big suction eye bright spot.The collective appearance of the star models of the famous brand SUV family will provide more diversified new choices for the majority of users.As the newly listed flagship work, fengguang New 580 in early November fully detonated the new wave of six-seat SUV in the 100,000 class SUV industry, the debut in Guangzhou auto show also attracted a lot of attention.Integrating core advantages such as 6-seat comfortable space, Huawei HiCar smart Interconnection and luxury cinema audio, the Whole Series of The New 580 is equipped with a new 1.5TGDI Miller cycle engine, matching 6MT and 6AT transmissions, and has made a significant improvement in the interior comfort experience of family users.It achieves the ultimate in-car experience and entertainment enjoyment of 100,000 class SUV.In terms of cabin enjoyment, the Scenery new 580 with comfortable two-row central channel, aviation class sleep headrest, independent seat 8-way electric adjustment, two-row seat ventilation heating and other comfortable configuration, for family users to bring more comfortable travel experience, will become many families with children to buy the latest choice of SUV.With huawei HiCar’s advantage of non-inductive connection of vehicle and machine integration, mobile phone can be connected to vehicle and machine in seconds without feeling, and users can enjoy millions of rich mobile phone applications synchronously on the vehicle and machine of The New 580.In addition, users can control all smart homes in their homes with one click from the car, enjoying a convenient experience in the era of the Internet of everything.Intelligent interconnection of people, cars and homes will also bring more convenience to users’ travel.The 2022 Scene500, which will be launched in the second half of this year, will offer a faster ride with a new 1.5T power.In addition to production models, during the guangzhou auto show in 2021, 2022 500 is still on the scenery a highly visual impact modified models, with outdoor cross-country wind as the theme in the body more than hot style, will be 2022 500 fashion charm show incisively and vividly, and meet the personalized needs of young users.The six-seat smart SELECTION SUV Scenery new 580 leads the new generation of burning SUV2022 Scenery 500 production car and off-road modified car personality is full.The guangzhou auto show on the scene of the SUV family star models, to cover different market segments of the sincerity of the product portfolio, will meet the needs of different groups of users diversified car purchase.