We media is not easy to do. What kind of person is it for?

2022-06-13 0 By

Lao Jia often sees some bloggers who do “we media” advising others that they must not do “we media” full-time. “We media” is more suitable for those who are idle and have a certain amount of other stable income and do not rely on “we media” to make money.Only in this way can we media be done.Many of the bloggers who say these words are tens of thousands or even millions of Internet celebrities.This is not, today old Jia morning and brush a fan of more than 90 million sun blogger, he also said so, he said that since the media is more suitable for retirement, pension, more idle old people to do since media.Do these people have a point?Lao Jia evaluated the blogger who paid for knowledge the day before yesterday and said, a problem, it belongs to the thesis composition, belongs to the liberal arts composition.And composition it is not the only solution, it is not like math and chemistry, need to build a rocket to send people to Mars, the rocket can send people to Mars above and send people back, then you are successful, failed is failed, you again how brag force are useless.But the composition is different, teaching others how to do “we media” or should not do “we media”, there is no unique solution.Both sides are right.What he said is true to a certain extent. For ordinary people, they really need an income that is in urgent need of living. They should do something for their own work and have appropriate income to maintain their current life.It takes a long time for many people to do “we media”. At the beginning, their daily income may be only a few cents, which is impossible to maintain normal daily expenses. After a period of time, many people will definitely give up when they lose their temper.If you’re working full-time, you’re looking for the right money to support your family.But if we change the we-media into entrepreneurship, it is not more suitable for entrepreneurship, legitimate sources of work income, while doing sideline, more idle people to start a business?The answer is definitely < no >. Many people quit their jobs and devote themselves to the project full-time. Whether it is to open a shop, run a business or open a company, they all need to go all out.Take this Internet celebrity surnamed Sun, who has more than 900,000 followers, for example. He is now a full-time “We media” worker. His salary is much higher and stronger than his random job, and his time is also free.If others start from 0 and do what he does, it is also very good. Even if it takes time to invest in the early stage and need to spend their own savings to support the period of no income, or the beginning of the day with little income, it is quite cost-effective in the long run.Because you quit your job to start your own business full-time, you also have no income for a period of time at the beginning, and you even need to put money into it. However, at least the economic input of “We media” is not very large, and it only takes time.We can also see that many people who specialize in making videos on Douyin have become popular in live broadcasting, or they have also become big V by Posting videos and articles on the headlines. They sell their own columns and direct their products to sell their products, which is also very successful.If you take “We media” as an entrepreneurial project and devote yourself to it, I don’t think it’s a big deal. In essence, full-time “We media” entrepreneurship is the same as other entrepreneurial projects, requiring concentration, diligence and a lot of time and energy in the early stage.Therefore, if you plan to start a business and become a friend of we-media, the most important thing you should consider is not whether you have other income support or spare time. There are also many companies specializing in we-media for those who make a living full-time in the society.If you plan to do full-time “we media”, then do you want to devote yourself to this “we media” industry, whether you intend to do this “we media” with your heart, this is the most critical.