Xiangtan city to crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit safety certificate special action started

2022-06-13 0 By

Xiangtan online April 9 – (xiangtan daily reporters Li tao) on April 8, we learned from the municipal emergency administration that is in accordance with the law to crack down on counterfeit or altered, buying and selling of fake certificate of safety in production illegal and criminal behavior, from now on the bureau jointly with the municipal public security bureau carried out throughout the whole city to crack down on counterfeit government websites of counterfeit certificate of safety production special operation.The action will focus on four types of activities to crack down on, respectively: forging, altering, buying and selling fake production safety certificates, suspected of forging, altering, buying and selling official documents, certificates, seals of state organs illegal and criminal acts;Using the Internet to build fake government websites, providing inspection of fake production safety certificates, suspected of illegal and criminal acts of illegally using information network, or providing Internet access, server hosting, network storage, communication transmission and other technical support for the above acts, suspected of illegal and criminal acts of helping information network crimes;The use of network media, online platforms, such as false publicity, such as exemption from examination, speed up, selling fake safety production certificates, inducing employees to be deceived, suspected of fraud and criminal acts;The production and business operation entity does not seriously check the authenticity of the production safety certificate and acquiesces the employees to work with false certificates.”We will crack down on a number of production safety certificate counterfeiting dens, punish a number of technical gangs that fake government websites, investigate a number of counterfeit holders and enterprises, expose a number of typical criminal cases, further standardize the production safety training market order, to protect the safety of people’s lives and property.”People are welcome to call 12350 or 0731-55551009 for information, and the authorities will strictly protect the confidentiality of the informants, said an official with the city’s emergency management bureau.The special action will continue until the end of this year, and the city is currently carrying out safety production training “go through the motions” special rectification action combined.