A child was bitten by a ring on his hand for three days and was rescued in three minutes by firefighters

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April 6 at 11:30 p.m., a woman driving a motorcycle carrying a 12-year-old boy came to the Sifa Road fire rescue station in Yinjiang Autonomous County for help.”My son has a metal ring stuck in his right middle finger for three days. Please help him!”The woman looked anxious.The boy was holding the fingers of his right hand with his left hand, looking helpless.After receiving the sentry report, the leader on duty immediately took the mother and son to the rescue station.After observation found that “bite” the boy’s finger is a stainless steel ring, diameter of about 2cm.The boy’s finger had become swollen and numb because the ring had been stuck on it for too long, blocking blood circulation.If the ring is not removed soon, it could cause permanent damage to the child’s finger.After removing the ring to calm the child, firefighters inserted a spacer between the finger and the ring to protect the child, and then controlled the ring cutter to cut the ring.In order to avoid the local high temperature caused by cutting scald children’s fingers, rescue workers from time to time to sprinkle cold water to cool down.Three minutes later, the ring was successfully cut and removed.After examination, the child is fine.After the inquiry that, three days ago, the child and his father to go to the grave, picked up this metal ring on the road.For fun, he slipped the ring on his right middle finger.Who knows, but he can’t get it off.Afraid of being scolded by his parents, he never dared to tell anyone.On the evening of April 6, his mother noticed him fiddling with a ring on his finger, which had started to swell.After her own efforts failed, she and her children came to the firefighters for help.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Ren Yong editor Zhang Hong editor Zhao Hongbin Zhang Chuanbao