Extra!The typical case of changzhou family education in 2022 begins to collect!

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For further study and implement the jinping about pay attention to family tutoring Dan roundup is discussed in construction, earnestly implement the “difference” planning about the relevant “to strengthen the construction of the family”, to promote the implementation of the “family education promotion law of the People’s Republic of China”, to strengthen the thought lead, promote socialist core values in the family homestead;Strengthen moral education, give full play to the important role of family education in moral education;Strengthen family education guidance, improve the trinity of school, family and society education mechanism.After research, Changzhou Education Bureau, Changzhou Civilization Office and Changzhou Women’s Federation jointly launched the collection of typical family education cases in Changzhou in 2022.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.Participants: education workers in primary and secondary schools (including secondary vocational schools) and kindergartens at all levels in the city, and parents in the city.04 activities aim this activity aims to build, changzhou family education guidance superior quality repository, promote the exchange of high quality resources sharing, better service to all the schools of family education guidance work, and parents’ family education, further improve the level of school, family and community education, guide the parents set up scientific family education concept,Master the correct family education method, form the joint force of family, school and community education, promote the healthy and happy growth of primary and middle school students.05 Activity objective to “for the lifelong development of every student” as the theme, through case collection, selection, publicity and other links, to form a group of primary and secondary school students age, and appropriate extension to children, college students family education guidance or alleviate the typical experience and methods of parents anxiety.At the same time, it encourages the public to care about, understand and support education, and actively creates a good atmosphere in society for the healthy growth of students.06 Soliciting content Real and typical successful cases of parents in the process of cultivating and educating children;Teachers’ practical experience in organizing class parents to carry out family construction and family education activities.1. “Teaching by words and Deeds” focuses on family tradition, parents teach by words and deeds, such as successful education experience in the creation of family education environment, mutual respect, equal communication, interactive learning and other aspects.2. “Family Roots” carries out activities such as sweeping ancestral tombs, repairing family genealogies and planting family trees to remember ancestors and inspire future generations;Through “searching for roots”, we can cultivate children’s feelings of family and country and establish successful educational experience of lofty ideals.3. “Habit Formation” focuses on children’s habit formation, such as love of labor, reading, sports and other aspects of successful education experience.4. “Good-neighborliness” focuses on children’s moral character shaping, successful education experience in educating children in honesty, gratitude, unity and friendliness, and readiness to help others.5. “Life Safety” chapter to help children understand, love, Thanksgiving life, master disaster escape knowledge, emotional regulation methods and other aspects of successful education experience.Entries must be original and plagiarism is prohibited.If there is copyright, Copyrights and other infringement problems, the participants should bear by themselves.07 for form 1. Choose the content and requirements of changzhou family education typical case: focus on “precept” roots “family” “habit” “QinLin friendly” “life” of a content, in the form of a story narrative witnessed parents experience or teachers, typical education significance of education case, case content must be truthful, focused,It is instructive and referential to others.The length should be about 1500 words.The title should be font size 4 (宋体) in bold, and the text should be text size 4 (宋体) in small, with a line spacing of 22. The name of the school class, student and author (parent or teacher) should be indicated under the title.Filing requirements: each municipality actively organized filing (Liyang 15, Jintan 15, Wujin 18, New North 15, Tianning 10, Zhonglou 10, jingkai 7), bureau schools each school to submit 1.Before February 28th, all localities and schools should send the electronic version of typical family education cases (name of the electronic version: full name of the school + name of the education case) and the electronic version of summary form (Attachment 1) to email:514989216@qq.com, please fill in the summary form online in the Moral Education Work group, and send the paper draft of typical family education cases (in triplicate) to the Moral Education Department of the Municipal Education Bureau.Contact person: Mr. Ge;Contact number: 85681383.2. The selection content requirements of “Changzhou Family Education Micro video” : focus on one content of “teaching by words and deeds”, “family roots”, “habit formation”, “good neighborly friendship” and “life safety”, oriented by parents’ needs, with a clear theme, and solve specific problems in family education.To design novel, clear goal, complete content, clear and stable image, sound and picture synchronization.The video will be edited and reported.Content elements of micro video: problem presentation, problem solving process, experience refining and summary.The video file format is MP4. The file size should be less than 200 megabytes (MB) and the length should not exceed 5 minutes.Filing requirements: each municipality actively organized filing (10 in Liyang City, 10 in Jintan District, 15 in Wujin District, 10 in the new North District, 6 in Tianning District, 6 in Zhonglou District, and 5 in the open district), each school affiliated to the bureau submitted 1.All localities and schools should copy the micro video (file name: full name of the school + micro video name) on the USB flash drive before February 28, and send the USB flash drive and the paper summary form (attachment 2) to the Moral Education Department of the Municipal Education Bureau, and fill in the summary form in the moral education work group online.Contact person: Mr. Ge;Contact number: 85681383.08 Organizational Requirements 1. Be well-organized and practical.All schools (including kindergartens) should attach great importance to this selection activity, widely publicize and mobilize relevant personnel to participate, organize and report uniformly according to the quota requirements, and ensure the authenticity and high quality of all works.2. Adapt measures to local conditions and highlight features.Local schools should strengthen home-school cooperation, combined with the selection of this activity, carefully planned, actively organize and carry out diverse forms of family education theme activities, give full play to the school leading, parents main role, to achieve the effectiveness of home-school construction work.3. Promote and create an atmosphere.The selected works will be commended and displayed on various media platforms.All schools (including kindergartens) should make use of the Internet, mobile phones, wechat public accounts and other kinds of media, timely and widely publicized, and give full play to the educational value of excellent works selected at all levels.Summary table of typical family Education cases in Changzhou city