Property market wind direction: the big positive to the property market!Will affect house prices in 2022

2022-06-14 0 By

On February 8, the People’s Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as the “central bank”), the bank of China insurance regulatory commission issued “about affordable rental housing related loans is not included in the management of real estate loan concentration notice (hereinafter referred to as the” notice “), clear of affordable rental housing projects on loan is not included in the real estate loan concentration management,We will encourage banking financial institutions to increase support for the development of low-income rental housing in accordance with the principles of legal compliance, controllable risks and sustainable business.The central bank’s announcement made two points clear: 1. Loans related to affordable rental housing are not included in the real estate loan concentration management;2. Increase loans for low-income rental housing.This policy is conducive to the banking financial institutions to increase credit for low-income rental housing projects, support the construction of China’s housing security system, and promote the establishment of a housing system featuring multi-subject supply, multi-channel guarantee and simultaneous renting and purchasing.It is conducive to ensuring the virtuous cycle and healthy development of the real estate industry.At the same time, the state provides certain financial security, operation convenience and profit space to enterprises involved in the construction of affordable housing, which is conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of relevant housing enterprises.The relevant loans for low-income rental housing are not included in the calculation of the proportion of real estate loans for the time being, which is tantamount to easing the credit of developers, easing the loan pressure of developers, increasing the amount of bank loans for real estate enterprises, and facilitating the construction of commercial housing.All in all, it is an untying of the two red coins!On the second day of the start of the New Year, a big good news should be that the current property market is too cold to look past. It is expected that if the property market continues to be depressed in the future, there will be a series of good policies.