The beginning of Spring

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The wind is fast, the wind is fast, as if yan Yan woke up a dream in the morning. From today on, it begins to flow. The long awaited mild air the sky is no longer gloomy, and the buds are dry and cold.Slowly rolling light stimulates the snow and ice that is the joy of heart to succumb to plunge into the snow in the waves surging sunshine more snow will soon be the enthusiasm of the melt temperature raised more than try to snooze underground sleep worm leave can’t stop is the winter eyes put away the barrier of the wild through a season in the spring the resurrection life exploring new seed pregnant is one day full of vitality for labor and hide itDeep and long residual branches withered leaves without the protection of snow they are shivering as long as a diffuse loess spring breeze south literature poetry garden prize essay “not spring” call for contributions.In surabaya, the boundless scene is new.Know the east wind surface, full of colors always spring.Spring, is the beginning of all good things.In spring, a leaf, a petal, a grass, picked up are poetic.The 2022 Spring Festival is an unusual one, as the capital Beijing is hosting a huge winter Olympics event.Spring is a time of peace and prosperity.With the theme of “live up to the glory of spring”, nanguo Literary Poetry Garden invites all literary and poetic friends from all over the country to spend the Spring Festival and enjoy the Winter Olympic Games.First, style: 1. Poetry (new poetry, ancient poetry can be.No more than three ancient poems.The new poem is within thirty lines).2. Prose, fiction (narrative, lyric, within 3000 words) two.The theme of the work is “live up to spring scenery”.Small can write a spring grass, a tree, a matter, a thought, can write the Winter Olympic Games, eulogize our great motherland.Everything starts from life, around your ordinary life as the starting point, expand your rich imagination, avoid empty boring, old dry body work.Rewards :1. Only those who have more than 200 page views can enter the evaluation list.2. Ten winners will be selected for the first, second and third prizes, and certificates and famous calligraphy and painting will be awarded.3. Paper magazine is recommended.Fourth, the selected manuscripts will be accepted on the basis of merit, and published successively in the micro column of “Southern Literature Poetry Garden” and “China Modern Culture Daily”.Contributions are mainly sent by email.The only designated email address for submission is 528784663@qq.com2022 February 5, 2002