Zhou Tao has been rumored with Dong Qing discord, the second marriage of the rich, now no exit but gorgeous metamorphosis

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Mention of CCTV host’s master of the concubine, Dong Qing must be on the list.Zhou Tao, 53, appeared in a red dress at the Spring Festival Gala on two MAJOR TV channels in the past New Year, putting on a show of the old CCTV style.Before that, Zhou tao hosted the 17th CCTV Spring Festival Gala, a record that has never been broken.Her beauty and modesty left a deep impression on the audience, with many netizens saying that the gala would be lacking in color without Zhou tao.But in 2016, why did Zhou Tao choose to step back from the background when he was at the peak of his career?Divorced from her first love, she married a rich businessman, now how?Zhou Tao was born in 1968 in Huainan, Anhui province, in a family full of intellectual atmosphere.From my grandfather’s generation to my parents, my father was a teacher and my mother was a dance teacher.Because of the good family environment, Zhou Tao has been regarded as a child of other families by her parents since childhood. She not only has good academic performance, is clever and obedient, but also has a particularly outstanding image and temperament, which benefits from her mother’s education and management.When she was still in primary school, her mother hired a dance teacher for her, so she was like a princess in school. Even her teachers praised her.In the midst of people’s praise, Zhou Tao also has her own dream. She wants to study acting and become an actress or a star. She can always stand in the spotlight and accept people’s praise.During that time in high school, she made extra efforts and spent almost all her spare time on learning performance and practicing Mandarin, which indirectly led to the decline of her academic level.Approaching the college entrance examination, she was at a loss and had no foundation for her results.Fortunately, fate handed her an olive branch at this stage, the teacher saw her reading ability is very good, loud voice, and good to hear.So she pointed out a clear way to apply for the Communication University of China.At that time, communication University of China had only one enrollment quota in Anhui province, which was seized by Zhou Tao.Although she missed the performance of her dream, Zhou Tao did not regret her choice. In her bones, she always had a kind of tenacity. If she did not do it, she would do it best.With this tenacity, Zhou Tao began to abandon all distractions, will all mind on professional learning.Gradually, she rose to medium major a close good impression.Not only that, she also met her first love, Yao Ke, in college.Yao ke is Zhou Tao’s senior, two people meet at the first glance, Yao Ke was this beautiful and moving, and hard girl attracted.At school, Yao Ke is also a handsome and handsome genius. Zhou Tao finally falls in his arms after his unremitting efforts.The so-called love and career, falling in love did not delay Zhou Tao’s studies, but in the news that Yao Ke entered the CCTV work after graduation, more determined Zhou Tao’s pursuit of this line of work.They say interest is the best teacher, but you have to face reality after graduation.At that time, the Communication University of China had package allocation, but students from other provinces had to go back to their hometown if they wanted package allocation. If they stayed in Beijing, they could only make a living by themselves.Zhou Tao, who has lived in Beijing for three years, has already fallen in love with the city.Faced with this dilemma, she hesitated for a long time, and finally chose to work alone in Beijing, and maybe make her way in the world.Even with her boyfriend, Zhou tao’s career was so hard that she was almost ready to return to her hometown several times when her boyfriend’s proposal put an end to her idea of going back.No matter how the road ahead, love always lets a person abandon the existence hard, Zhou Tao and Yao Ke entered the palace of marriage so, the career of two people is in the starting stage, want to work hard together after marriage to give their happiness.In 1992, Zhou Tao finally won a chance to enter the TV station as a host. In the following three years, she worked hard and gained recognition from the leaders. In 1995, Zhou Tao succeeded in becoming the host of THE CCTV Variety Show, becoming ni Ping’s successor.In her second year at CCTV, Zhou Tao, along with Ni Ping and Zhao Zhongxiang, hosted the 1996 Spring Festival Gala.Since then, Zhou tao has had an indisicable relationship with the Gala. She has hosted the gala for 17 consecutive sessions, and the appearance of the Gala has also ushered in the peak of her career.But the life is such, career and love have it both ways very hard, Zhou Tao and Yao Ke chose to marry when the career is the most unstable, still did not experience the happiness of newly-married, two people rush to busy job severally again, through a few years time baptism, at the outset sweet words, vows of eternal love, had already been washed away.Daily necessities, the contradiction of the constant is between two people, finally in 2002, LLLDD and Yao Ke chose a divorce, the end of this period had no feelings of marriage.However, less than half a year after their divorce, another man quickly launched an offensive against Zhou Tao. She is Zhou Tao’s Mr. Right, Lu Yun.Lu Yun works in a culture-related business, and in terms of the size of his company, he is the standard billionaire boss.He and Zhou Tao also know for many years, the sincere feeling in the heart has been pressed in the bottom of my heart, until Zhou Tao divorce just dare to show love.However, for lu Yun’s first confession, Zhou Tao refused, the reason is that she feels she just divorced, is not enough to bear such a feeling.If rashly accept, is to themselves, but also to the cloud of irresponsible.Lu Yun is also very understanding of understanding, he said he is willing to wait, such as Zhou Tao accept her that day.During this period, Lu Yun holds all the good in front of Zhou Tao, although this lets Zhou Tao move unceasingly, but the outside world also spread some bad gossip.Some people think that the divorce was caused by zhou Tao’s marital situation.For these false rumors, Zhou Tao completely ignore, but is particularly cherish and lu Yun love between the get along.This paragraph of love is also in 2004 finally come true, two people entered the hall of marriage, although this is the second time zhou Tao gets married, but the happiness degree among them is far more than the first time.In the second year of their marriage, Zhou tao gave birth to a lovely daughter, Xiang Xiang, and became a mother at the age of 36, setting up a family of three.At the same time, her career began to grow in many directions.Talk crosstalk, with Feng Gong, Guo Donglin skits together, also hosted a variety show, and the grandfather Fei Yuqing wrote Spring Festival couplets, battle of wits.Zhou Tao’s delicate tongue like a lotus flower, and generous and dignified, soon formed his own style of hosting.In 2008, the announcer for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games had not yet been decided. At this time, Zhou Tao and Dong Qing were already famous masters of CCTV. Both of them were highly praised, but Zhou Tao took over the announcer’s task for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.Unlike the Spring Festival Gala, the stage this time is for a worldwide audience.But there were rumors online that the affair had caused a rift between Zhou tao and Dong Qing.Even now, some netizens often compare Zhou Tao and Dong Qing together, trying to separate the winner from the winner based on their looks.And, in fact, two people in private relationship is very harmonious, they also appear more than once common in the host on the stage, two people pool, tie-in very tacit understanding, in the life, more frequent interaction, two people group photo, even Dong Qing brokenhearted, is LLLDD helped her out of the shadows, they became a CCTV’s sisters flower, in fact crushed those rumors.Zhou Tao’s career has also continued to rise, from host to producer to deputy director of the Culture and Arts Center. If zhou Tao had continued to rise, he would have had a great future. However, in 2016, Zhou Tao suddenly announced her retirement from CCTV.At the end of that year’s gala, Zhou tao said, “Goodbye, audience friends.”Instead of saying, “See you next year.”This time, she also in the last hosted by CCTV Spring Festival gala, actually put down the work, in LLLDD heart, already had the idea, the daughter at the age of three, because LLLDD perennial work outside, lack of time with daughter, daughter is autistic, although after gradually restore to come over, but also let LLLDD realized that only the family is the most important thing.Many people thought zhou Tao would become an ordinary housewife after leaving CCTV, but her legendary journey is not over yet.After freeing up a lot of time, she finally had the energy to experience the dream that had not been completed, she began to contact drama rehearsal, and also appeared in the movie The Decisive Moment, as Song Meiling.During this period, she also planned and directed the Hundred Flowers Spring Reception party.I have to say, no matter in which field of media, she can always do very wonderful.Sometimes, she will be the host of addiction, 2019, she dressed in white, in the sound of the Environment guest host, her amazing appearance, so Yaoyang brother are full of praise, all kinds of fancy praise.Although she had reached the age of knowing her destiny, time seemed to have lost its effect on her, and she was still beautiful.Besides, her professional skills have also been in decline. When she voiced the animated film Nezha, she surprised audiences by looking almost exactly like the film.Zhou Tao, 54, reappeared as the art director of Poly Culture Group in a New Year’s greeting video she posted on social media, where her title wowed netizens.Have to say, in Zhou Tao’s life, there is no exit, every appearance is a gorgeous metamorphosis.I hope Zhou Tao can keep this young mentality forever and continue her legendary life.