15000 fine!35000 fine!Can you even stop a law enforcement van?Liuzhou is investigating

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Residential doors, door handles and Windows of private cars are often “patronized” by all kinds of commercial small ads, and citizens are angry and annoyed by the small ads called “psoriasis” in the city.Private car door handle is forced to plug advertising strict “forcible plug” behavior: fined 15,000!35000 fine!Recently, the city management personnel inspection found that lixin road on both sides of a number of car doorknobs were stuffed into a restaurant advertising, even next to the law enforcement car also did not let go, such a scene let past citizens laugh and cry.Some residents on the scene said that forcing the cancellation of small ads is creating a “flowing psoriasis” that seriously affects the city’s image and environment, but has been difficult to eradicate. “Who on earth is so excessive?Is it really so difficult to govern?”Chengguan officers used law enforcement recorders to collect evidence of the fact that advertisements were allegedly sent illegally.After the event, the city management staff through the telephone and address of the advertisement paper “follow the picture”.Mr. Wang said that they are a new store, want to use the traditional way to promote publicity.Sped off by press advertisement handbill urban management department in accordance with the law of the People’s Republic of China advertisement law “relevant provision: without the consent of the parties or request, do STH without authorization to send advertising its housing, transportation, etc, by the relevant department shall be ordered to stop the illegal act, for advertisers be fined five thousand yuan and thirty thousand yuan, the penalty for the cafe 15000 yuan.Coincidentally, recently, near a fitness center on Donghuan Avenue, a number of cars were crammed into the advertising of fitness cards, many car owners expressed anger and reported to the urban management department.After investigation and evidence collection, the gym was fined 35,000 yuan for illegally sending advertisements twice.Notice of punishment wants to put up a little advertisement, why not do that?In recent years, the city set up a number of convenient information boards in the urban area, so that all kinds of convenient advertising “home”.City management law enforcement bureau city appearance section chief Huang Maohong said that the administration of illegal advertising in accordance with the “check, clear, thin” three steps, namely illegal advertising, and hire professional companies to clean up illegal advertising in time.For recruitment and other convenient information, can be standardized set in the convenient information bar, but is strictly prohibited to post “pornography, gambling, drugs” and other violations of national laws and regulations of information, violators will be punished by the relevant departments and investigated for legal responsibility.