Anyone else?The Redmi K50 esports edition has three successes in addition to 3,299

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Redmi in K40 enhanced version of the game after a small test, launched an iterative product Redmi K50 e-sports version, compared to the previous generation of products, the new product is significantly improved, the user voice is relatively high where there is no ambiguity, the continuation of Redmi kind style.In terms of performance, Redmi K50 esports version uses snapdragon 8 processor. In order to release better performance, Redmi has optimized the entire heat dissipation system this time, with the largest double VC heat dissipation in the industry, stainless steel VC, innovative double heat source separation structure, 6904mm² large area graphene,6722mm² 3D high power graphite and other functions, all links are taken care of.In the king of Glory test, half an hour to maintain nearly 120 frames of frame rate operation, the highest temperature of 43.5 degrees, in the original god test, half an hour 57.2 frames, this result is also close to 60 frames of the full frame, the highest temperature of 44 degrees, from the actual performance, can say that Redmi K50 esports version do one of the most successful is the heat dissipation.Screen part, Huaxing PHOTOELECTRIC OLED flexible straight screen, 1080P resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz touch sampling rate, high color precision primary color screen, slice by slice adjustment, 10 times super resolution, high precision touch, Corning Gorilla glass, better game feel, 1920Hz HIGH-FREQUENCY PWM dimming, night games don’t hurt eyes, screen quality is not to mention,The point is that a lot of the demand for eye care has been met, and this is where the online buzz is, and Redmi didn’t disappoint.In the image section, the 32MP IMX 596 camera is on the front, the rear 3-camera, the 64MP main camera (IMX 686) +8MP ultra wide Angle +2MP macro, and the Flicker Sensor. The classic flash flash remains, and the camera area also has a 16-megacolor atmosphere light.Esports atmosphere directly pull full.Battery life part, 4700mAh battery, 120W fast charge, can be full of 17 minutes, and take into account the actual needs of users, the play while charging optimization, in the play while charging comparison test, Redmi K50 e-sports version 37 minutes from 2% to 100%, and friends of iQOO 9 to 84 minutes to 100%,When Redmi charging reaches 100%, iQOO 9 is only 62%. The gap between the two is quite obvious, and xiaomi has no problem in the first tier of fast charging.The surrounding part, JBL broadband four-unit loudspeaker, excellent external effect, CyberEngine ultra broadband X-axis motor, which is currently the largest X-axis motor in android group, vibration comparable to iPhone, highly praised magnetic power shoulder key design, NFC function and infrared remote control will not be absent, infrared also upgraded to infrared Pro,The antenna has been optimized to support two WiFi+ two 5G quad-network collaboration, which can maintain the best data channel.In terms of design, metal frame and glass back, although it is an esports phone, the thickness of the machine is controlled at 8.5mm, which ensures a good feel. Moreover, there is a customized mobile phone of Benz AMG, with obvious sports car elements and a natural appearance level.Price part, 8+128GB for 3299 yuan, 12+128GB for 3599 yuan, 12+256GB for 3899 yuan.Redmi K50 is the best in three areas: heat dissipation, external release, and motor. With a starting price of 3299, it is the benchmark of the bucket machine this year.