Arrangements have been made for the transfer and removal of venues for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

2022-06-15 0 By

The Winter Olympics will all end today (February 20).However, the end of the event does not mean the end of the operation of the venue. Only after the preservation of materials, dismantling and removal of facilities and equipment, including the preservation of archives and heritage, can the overall operation of the venue be completed. Finally, the venue will be fully disinfected and handed over to the owner.On February 19, the main media center of Beijing Winter Olympics held a media briefing on the operation of Beijing Winter Olympics venues.During the briefing, Beijing venue management department, Beijing Olympic Games organizing committee to run command dispatching center, executive director of the Yao Hui introduction, 12 competition venues used for the Beijing Olympics and 26 non-competition venues, part of the venue after the winter Olympics event run security task, because do not participate in winter paralympic games held,These venues will be directly moved out of the work, while a large part of the venues will be optimized and adjusted to complete the transition period and enter the operation of the Winter Paralympic Games, and then move out of the work after the winter Paralympic Games.Source: