Changchun: we will resolutely crack down on vegetable price hikes and price tags that are not clearly marked

2022-06-15 0 By

On March 29, the Information Office of the Jilin Provincial Government held the 18th press conference on the epidemic prevention and control work in Jilin Province.Liu Renyuan, deputy Secretary-General of Changchun Municipal Government, briefed on the latest progress of epidemic prevention and control.Liu Renyuan, deputy secretary-general of Changchun Municipal Government.Ren Yuan liu, said recently, changchun northeast Asia grain and oil, sea onstar sudden outbreak the temporary closure of two vegetable wholesale market, in addition, the city’s grim situation of epidemic prevention and control, promotions, protect for mount guard personnel severity shortage, lead to problems in terms of citizens to buy vegetables, some citizens after order online purchase of commodities has no home, bring to life the impact and inconvenience, apologize to the general public.To solve the problem of “difficulty in buying vegetables”, Jilin province launched the joint guarantee and supply mechanism as a whole, and hebei, Shandong and other provinces organized supplies to Changchun.At the same time, the Changchun municipal government organized a number of supply enterprises to increase the stock of goods through multiple channels, and the brother cities and states in Jilin province made every effort to help, with about 1,000 tons of “vegetable bags” arriving in Changchun every day, alleviating the current problem of sorting and distribution personnel shortage.In response to the temporary closure of large wholesale markets in Northeast Asia such as grain and oil and Haijixing due to confirmed cases, Changchun municipality immediately activated emergency plans and set up sorting centers in Shuangyang, Nong ‘an, Dehui and Gongzhuling counties and cities using the wholesale market supply system.Organize local cadres and masses to sort vegetable bags and support the supply of main urban areas and development zones;We will deploy major urban areas and development zones to tap sources of goods, expand channels for ensuring supply, and further increase the reserve of vegetables and other daily necessities.At the same time, The Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control of Changchun Commercial Circulation Enterprises were formulated and issued to comprehensively carry out terminal elimination and personnel prevention and control in Northeast Asia and Haijixing markets, and resume business as soon as possible after risk assessment meets epidemic prevention standards.In the next step, Changchun will pay close attention to the voice of the general public, grasp the epidemic prevention and control, grasp the “food basket”, “rice bag” and “fruit plate” of the public, overcome all difficulties, do their best to ensure people’s livelihood and meet the normal life needs of the public.We will improve the implementation mechanism of supply guarantee and guarantee responsibility in major urban areas, development zones, counties (cities) and districts outside the province, and other cities and prefectures within the province.Further increase the reserve of vegetables and other daily necessities, and sign agreements with key supply enterprises to ensure that all citizens can buy and eat fresh fruit and vegetable products.All urban districts and development zones were mobilized to guarantee supply by means of pair guarantee, enterprise distribution and volunteer service, so as to overcome difficulties and bottlenecks in supply guarantee under complete silence in Changchun.At the same time, in response to recent complaints and reports about the price rise of vegetables, vegetable bags, unclear price tags, and other acts, we will resolutely crack down, without tolerance.