“Lebron was considered a great five, and they dumped me

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The lakers have been miserable this season, with a 24-27 record and ninth place in the Western Conference, making a mockery of the team’s fearsome big three.The fans were certainly not satisfied with the result, blaming Westbrook and coach Vogel for the arrangement.But the lakers’ current problem is clearly not a player’s or a coach’s problem, and the front office’s mindless manipulation has left fans stunned.It’s been rumored that Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has a lot of faith in her best friend, who is the wife of senior consultant Lance Lansby.Sources say the lakers have made a number of moves by the couple, with Jeanie Buss doing everything they want.In a recent interview with Sam Amick, NBA star Jerry West blasted the lakers’ management practices and implied that jeanie Buss has someone else running the team.”My relationship with the Lakers has reached a point where there is no connection,” West said. “I’m proud to have been a part of this organization.When Jeanie Buss rated the top five most important players in team history last April, her list was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic, Kobe Bryant, lebron James, and Phil Jackson, I called it the most aggressive thing I’ve ever seen in my life.The last straw in my relationship with the Lakers was a recent text message from the lakers telling me they had canceled my lifetime ticket.””Buss promised me this lifetime ticket,” West continued. “And now you feel like trash. They just threw you out.Even on this matter, they were afraid to call me and just sent me a cold text message.Jenny and I think we have a good relationship, but I’m not sure it’s going to last.There are always a few people around him who do things that you don’t understand.”When asked if there was any room for a thaw with the lakers, West said, “No, it’s too late.People’s change is really too big, really let me feel very upset, and I don’t need it, ok?I just don’t understand why it came to this.”See Jerry West’s interview, let lakers fans have to be angry management’s current operation.The fact that don, Bryant’s mentor, created the OK group and brought the lakers dynasty, was abandoned by the lakers’ management is beyond words.