Sun disease table is real without sweat, how to distinguish with pueraria root soup and ephedra soup?

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Sun disease, headache and fever, body pain, lumbago, joint pain, bad wind, no sweat and asthma, ephedra soup Lord.This is a typical ephedra soup syndrome, headache, fever, body pain, lumbago, bone pain, bad wind, no sweat, asthma, a total of eight symptoms, so also known as the eight ephedra syndrome.This one actually looks complicated, but headache body pain, lumbago, joint pain this string is equivalent to saying that the whole body pain, with the foot sun bladder pain everywhere, plus fever, bad wind, no sweat and asthma closed syndrome, constitutes the eight syndromes of ephedra.This panting is because not sweating and panting, not because panting and not sweating, not sweating cou rationale is closed, energy can not be sent out to the lung gas retrograde and panting, so the table solution is panting self-healing.Here ephedra and almond are one main and one auxiliary, ephedra is mainly used to relieve asthma, almond is reduced to relieve asthma and auxiliary ephedra solution, and then the energy is transferred to the body surface to help relieve the surface.If you do not use casmanthus twigi, it is sanao soup to reduce lung qi to relieve asthma and cough, but can not open the body wei qi occlusion and relieve body pain lumbago bone pain.Licorice slow, because the surface closed energy can not be dispersed and retrograde force lung and pant, licorice slow lung gas urgency also.”Treatise on justice of febrile diseases” : sun disease, headache and fever (headache must raise fever, neck strong and urgent people do not raise fever), body pain, waist pain and bone pain (the drama of stasis water, qi and blood forced, causing this pain.Cloud body, cloud waist, cloud bone section, detailed its location and bright with external evil also.External evil, external attack also, when the body pain is not pain, osteoarthritis pain is not pain), evil wind (not cold, the disease is not the syndrome of external evil, so the external hair is not cold), no sweat and asthma (there is stasis water and sweat not out, because of sweat not out and this asthma, so use “and” between the word.Asthma, retrograde signs of water), ephedra decoction of the Lord (by the table of water stasis, so typhoid fever stroke disease does not use ephedra decoction).”People with headache must raise fever, but those with strong and urgent neck should not raise fever.” We associate with the “Doctor Fan” mentioned above, headache is caused by the upward and outward divergence of qi to break through repression, and the competition leads to fever.Solar disease typhoid fever “or have fever, or not fever”, has fever for gas to send out repression to pass will have this headache and fever, so headache will raise fever.”Xiang Bei strong urgent not raise fever” is because Xiang Bei strong urgent is blood stagnation, as said in front of gegen soup syndrome, blood stagnation may not be accompanied by fever, stagnation deeper.But not fever, is the first good and evil and then fever, so do not raise fever.”The drama of stagnant water, the force of qi and blood, caused this pain also, cloud body, cloud waist, cloud bone joint, detailed their location and bright and evil.External evil, external attack also, when the pain of the body is not pain, bone pain is not pain “.This is to say that the table is closed very badly, water accumulation in the subcutaneous.When water cannot escape from the surface of the body, blood and air cannot coexist, right?Only here will be divided into the main and the guest, when the water closed because of the main, qi and blood stasis is a secondary change, is the guest.Therefore, whether it is body pain, lumbago, joint pain, on behalf of the disease is a occlusion, stagnation, typhoid fever and contraction of the symptoms.”Do not raise the cold, the disease is not the syndrome of external evil, so external not cold also”, here is to explain why said evil wind and not cold, because ephedra soup is generally the evidence of solar typhoid fever, generally based on cold.Here said evil wind, generally considered to be the anticold words.But Ji Yi Nan Ya is here to explain that this is a sun disease, but not exogenous syndrome, exogenous syndrome is gradually from the table into the legend, muscle in the table of joints, so it should be the first body pain and then bone pain, and then waist pain, and should not be from the table to the inside at the same time.Since it is not exogenous, but the table syndrome, then it can be from the table to the inside at the same time the pain, positive qi outside the depression through occlusion, so as to have the performance of the evil wind.To put it simply, Ji Yi Nanya thinks that this is a solar surface syndrome but not external sensation syndrome. This is because in Ji Yi Nanya’s thinking, the surface syndrome only represents the part of the conflict between good and evil on the surface, which is mainly located in the bladder meridian of the foot sun, but it does not necessarily have external sensation.Exogenous on the aversion to cold, body first pain, and then knuckle pain;It is not external typhoid and sun disease, but bone pain and body pain come together, but bad wind is not cold.However, in addition to suggesting that ephedra decoction can be used for physical pain of miscellaneous diseases, it seems that there is no need to divide it into such details, but it gives a far-fetched feeling.”There is stasis in the surface of the water and sweat, because the sweat is not out and this asthma, so use the word” and “between.The retrograde march of air and water, “as we have said before.”Ephedra soup of the Lord, by the surface of the water also, so typhoid fever stroke disease not with ephedra soup.”In ji Yi Nanya’s disease classification, typhoid fever, stroke is just the expression of morbid divergence and contraction, typhoid fever and belong to exogenous this and miscellaneous diseases.However, ji Yi nan Ya’s point of view in addition to suggesting that we can also use ephedra decoction on the surface of miscellaneous diseases, it seems that there are some too persistent details.How are ephedra soup and Pueraria root soup distinguished?Gegen soup is heavy in the head, a few strong back, the part is on the high side, the above body is mainly, Yang qi in the body is rising and scattered, so the table is not heavy, no sweat is only concurrently.If the surface of the body up and down, even deep into the joints have cold water yu closed, or because of the surface closed and see asthma, with ephedra soup.Gegen soup, gegen ginger are inclined to rise powder, Ephedra soup ephedra cassia branch xuan fa at the same time there is almond precipitation, so in the role of the disease on the whole body, up and down.Pueraria cool, so partial to the surface heat sheng can also be, ephedra soup in ephedra, almond, cassia branch are partial temperature, licorice flat, so long in cold water stagnation.Even if the water is cold, even if the gas is hot, ephedra soup, kudzu soup when the distinction will be easy to hear.And gegen soup peony and gegen, the focus is dredge meridians;Chinese Ephedra soup contains ephedra and almonds, and it is important to relieve phlegm and water. To relieve phlegm and cold we know that Ephedra soup does not necessarily treat external sensations, but can be a kind of cold and dampness that goes deep to the bones in China.For this situation, we should combine the idea of shaoyin, see whether there is aconite soup, ephedra aconite Asarum soup indication.If there is insufficient blood points, we should see if there is any indication of the use of Angelica Sini soup.Gegen soup is the same, the treatment of cervical, spinal problems, but also to consider whether there is Yin syndrome, blood deficiency factors, there is the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis often need to heyang and soup.Invite to discuss management