The first gold medal ceremony of The Chinese team is coming!Wu Dajing led, five people hand in hand onstage, this scene touching

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Beijing time on February 6, the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing awards plaza held the award ceremony, the focus of attention is the Chinese team short track speed skating mixed relay gold medal.Wu Dajing led, five players hand in hand took the stage of their own highest honor.Many netizens wondered why the award ceremony was not held after the game on May 5.Due to the cold weather at the Venue of the Winter Olympics, the organizing committee only arranged to award souvenirs to the athletes who won the first and second place.After that, MEDALS were awarded to the winners and a flag-raising ceremony was held.A gold medal has been awarded in the short-track speed skating mixed relay event at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, as host Team China successfully made history at the Capital Stadium.From the attention before the competition, to the stirring in the competition, and then to the flag after the competition to celebrate, The Chinese short track speed skating team lived up to the expectations, with the gold medal to the people of the country presented the best gift of the New Year.It is worth mentioning that the men’s and women’s 2000-meter mixed relay is one of the new events in the Olympic Games. The Chinese short track speed skating team not only won the first mixed relay gold medal in the history of the Winter Olympics, but also won the first gold medal for the Chinese team in this Winter Olympics.The gold medal of the men’s and women’s 2000 meters mixed relay was not easily won, but the drama of the race process tested everyone’s heart.South Korea, its main rival, unexpectedly failed to advance to the quarterfinals due to a mistake in the quarterfinals, leaving China with one of the toughest bones to crack on its way to the title.Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Qu Chunyu and Zhang Yuting were the third team to cross the line.After the game the referee looked back at the video, judged the United States, The Russian team foul, China narrowly escaped death into the final.The competition for the final was not as fierce as expected, especially after Hungary and Canada collided, the Chinese team firmly in the first place.The last bar Wu Dajing narrowly escaped danger to keep the advantage to the end, to a knife-edge distance to get the first.After the game, Wu Dajing said in an interview that he realized his dream.The tough and handsome northeast guy rarely choked with tears.Fan Kexin also bluntly said, “This is the strength of the team”, the joy is overflowing.The Chinese team can win this gold medal, many people are talking about who is the biggest champion?Some say Kim Sun-tae and Ahn Hyun-soo, two Korean coaches;It was said that fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu helped the Chinese team reverse;Some people say that the men’s team double star Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei;Others think it is the audience and the referee who makes fair decisions.From the final point of view, Fan was the first to help China grab the key position, qu Chunyu later passed, but also helped her teammates to get the chance to lead the skating.Veteran Ren ziwei powered quickly to help his team increase their advantage after a collision, while Wu managed to retain the gold medal despite being chased by the Italian in the last two laps and almost missing Jingzhou.After winning the gold medal, Korean coaches Kim Sun-tae and Ahn Hyun-soo embraced each other in a classic scene.In 2019, Jin Shantai and An Xianzhu became the coaches of China’s short track speed skating team.In just three years, they brought The Chinese team to the top of the Olympic podium.Netizens said, “These two are the lucky stars of China’s short track speed skating, we must keep them,” and “Kim Sun-dae and Ahn Hyun-soo are not only good in appearance, but also the world’s top level in coaching ability. They are the heroes of China’s gold medal winning team.”Who do you think deserves the most credit for China’s mixed relay gold medal in short track speed skating?(Luo Manager)