Caged chamber of Secrets competition each game win rate first exposure!Tabu disciple is confirmed to be making a full time appearance on RAW

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BetOnline has revealed the winning percentage of chamber of Cage matches for the first time.As we all know, the cage chamber competition has been determined at present seven games, including two cage chamber elimination games, a man, a woman!Let’s take a look at the winning percentage of each game.First, let’s take a look at the WWE Championship, which is a Caged room elimination match, with David having the highest probability of winning and possibly walking out of the Caged Room as the WWE champion!In the women’s Chamber of Cage elimination tournament, the mysterious actress is still unknown, so BetOnline does not give the win percentage, foreign media is unanimous, the mysterious actress is likely to win, and wrestlemania, will challenge Becky Lynch for the RAW women’s title!And in the RAW Women’s Championship, Becky Lynch is likely to defend her title!Because Rita could hardly shake Becky Lynch’s championship reign!And in the Roman Raines VS Golber global Championship, Roman is likely to win and successfully defend his title!On behalf of the Roman family, the Uso brothers, the Smackdown doubles champion, will probably win the Chamber of Cages competition, defeating the Viking Warriors and successfully retaining the Smackdown doubles champion!Ronda Rossi will partner Naomi in a doubles match against Charlotte and Sonya De Vere, in which there is little doubt that Ronda Rossi will lead Naomi to victory!And as for Drew MacIntyre’s arbitrary place suppression match with Rave Moss, this is a game Drew is likely to win, no doubt about it!In addition, the Tabu disciple is confirmed to be making his full time appearance on RAW!In an interview with KTSP today, Gable Stevenson talks about his RAW debut. “My next goal is to make my WWE debut,” He says. “It’s always been my dream to make it to WWE!I’m making my debut on RAW full time, and that date is very close, so stay tuned!”