Don’t tube liner under the head, ice pier pier name scene is not enough for you to see it?

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In recent two days, the news about Bing Dwen Dwen can be described with a chicken feather to describe the former scalpers selling at a high price and Shouting a price as high as four digits. People can not help but think of a joke: is this bing Dwen Dwen new financial products?!After ice mound mound played a high-profile in social platform ceng flow to netizens have dissatisfaction about the star of the high level of appearance let’s pier powder really don’t care about CCTV reporter in inflatable suit fake ice mound mound off-guard subcutaneous even lead to the pier pier of word of mouth and praise from the beginning of flood and then turned to a second disillusioned awkward, beg you one category to the blind work I likeBing Dwen dwen’s cute strength has nothing to do with whether he can talk, whether he is handsome or not, whether he is a financial product.As the beginning of 2022 the new top drift ice mound mound to bring us the joy of true not a few laps seed before Chinese New Year has been noted that the big kid when it card at the winter Olympic Games in the press center door although there are a little attention to thinking about the holiday follow up just didn’t think the year of the tiger we haven’t had a vacation after ice mound mound began to cut the refresh was expected…Due to the factory in the New Year holiday shutdown impressed the audience’s enthusiasm for the ice mound mound of demand is less than the supply is therefore a life so mad grab online flagship store shelves is not only seconds to empty offline stores appear even continuing queuing up to buy the morning so mad scene reminds people of the magnificence of the rivers sand da ji gna belle and imaginative netizens and take advantage of an opportunity to set up two top flowCP ice mound mound + gna belle = gna bent down two circle who did not have finished on the spot to stitches zha become northeast flavor? As we all know no one can refuse to ice mound mound is not only Japan’s reporter 辻 YiTang during the whole winter Olympics make track for a star in the interview show what he can changed its name to “righteousness pier pier” prince of Monaco is molded over a also a face double or go homeThe triplets are “not easy to explain” and even designers themselves can not buy ice pier pier……The people in order to solve the current society of “one household one block” between aspiration and regional block production is not enough, the contradiction of unbalanced Olympic contract workers have also started to return to work early but ice mound mound for far less than difficult to meet the needs of the public in time and “ecomax” man daring netizens opens the homemade ice mound mound of talent show “leaves pier pier” “Sugar orange mound mound mound mound, “snow” “cancel the pier pier” tangyuan pier pier “” against the steamed bread pier pier” “coffee pier pier” paper-cut mound mound, the seal mound mound, very not easy on their own efforts to achieve the “one household one block” dream above the level of the result is not so strong official whole live and launched a cheery New Year special edition pier pier of the appearance of an entire thriving looking dignified and strong tiger furs pier pier successfully once again hit the heart on the masses and at the same time there are many netizens Versailles type directly took out two years ago to buy the closetJust want to bask in circle at the end of the pier pier mercilessly show a has found the pier pier coat outweighs the years grinding has been transformed from transparent color yellow became “rock sugar pier pier” the fate of the plastic coat to resist oxidation although can save trouble so circle tsai think operation than the official again a business of selling condom for you already have ice mound mound of friends to an after-sales service business and also give meFinally, in order to solve the problem of “one trick is difficult to find”, Circle son generously gave a bing Dwen Dwen (cousin Tie Han) to each of the readers and teachers who saw here.Cwcode), image source network, copyright belongs to the original owner, this article is only for sharing communication, if there is infringement, please contact me to delete, thank you!