Gulin county, Luzhou city villagers self-made “micro farm tools” floating seedlings add a new method

2022-06-16 0 By

Nowadays is the good season of spring ploughing production, to ensure this year big spring production full plant full insert.Wang Shikai, a villager from Yinhe Village, Shiping Town, Gulin County, Luzhou City, invented a “micro-farming tool” that greatly improves the efficiency of floating seed raising and seeding, saving farmers more time and effort.”First dump the seeds in the seed tray, then shake, and then aim at the floating seedling tray, a press, 160 nests of seeds will be finished seed.”Wang Shikai introduced that he is a native farmer, has been relying on farming for a living.In 2020, Luzhou Hesoil Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to India village development of sorghum planting, relying on the understanding of the village and rich crop planting experience, he was hired as the head of India village sorghum planting base.During the work period, the company provided many training opportunities to go out, but also let Wang Shikai know that modern agriculture not only hard work, but also good at summing up experience, improve planting efficiency, so he invented “micro farming tools” — floating seedling seeding device.Villagers in the floating seedling greenhouse busy.The floating seedling seeder is designed according to the size of the floating seedling plate. There are 160 bumps on a rectangular plastic plate, which can be quickly completed by pressing the hole socket of the seedling plate filled with fertilizer.And the seeder is designed on the plastic plate four holes, by shaking the sowing plate, the seed can enter the four holes, and then manually align with the seedling plate after pressing the bottom of the baffle, the seed can accurately fall into the hole of the seedling plate.”With this planter, three or four people can do a job that used to take a dozen people to do, and there are fewer missed seeds.”Wang Shikai told reporters that with the expansion of planting scale, in the spring plowing stage if the weather is not good, it is likely to miss the farm, now with “micro farming tools”, they can quickly and efficiently complete a seedlings task.Wang Shikai checks the growth of the seedlings.It is understood that the use of planter + seedling tray seedling, with soil transplanting does not hurt the root, transplanting time early, small weather influence, transplanting follow-up field management is simple, green time short and other advantages, the survival rate of seedling can reach more than 98%.In 2022, Yinhe Village of Shiping Town will plant 1500 mu of Liang.Up to now, has completed more than 800 acres of seedlings, and in advance with the enterprise signed an order purchase agreement, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses planting, for the masses to increase income laid a solid foundation.Article/photo: Zhong Xujuan Editor: Nie Yao Review: Feng Xiaogang