Hebei Province: Apply for the fund project of agricultural scientific and technological achievements transformation in 2022

2022-06-16 0 By

Hebei Daily news (reporter Wang Rudan correspondent Yang Peiru) learned from the provincial Department of Science and Technology, recently, Hebei province compiled and released the 2022 Hebei Province Agricultural Scientific and technological Achievements transformation Fund Project Application Guide, organizing the application of 2022 Hebei Province agricultural scientific and technological achievements transformation fund project.The project implementation period generally does not exceed 2 years.Provincial agricultural scientific and technological achievements transformation fund project adopts direct subsidy support mode, project support fund is not less than 300,000 yuan.Hebei province will focus on supporting the innovation of modern characteristic seed industry, upgrading of modern materials and equipment, and upgrading of agricultural advantages and characteristic industries.Declare units for field in hebei province in 2020, in accordance with the law before January 1, registered with independent legal person qualification of the enterprises and institutions, the farmers’ professional co-operatives, the support of enterprise registered capital shall be greater than the declaration lines, asset-liability ratio is less than 60%, application projects shall be within the business scope of the business license rules;Provincial departments and units related to agriculture can recommend scientific research institutes, universities and other institutions to participate in the application.Scientific and technological achievements must be appraised (evaluated), registered, recognized or examined and approved by relevant departments at or above the provincial level (including provincial level) or by their designated legal qualification agencies.Scientific and technological achievements are mainly applied in Hebei province and serve for the development of modern agriculture and rural revitalization in Hebei Province.If the applicant is an enterprise, it shall enjoy the intellectual property rights of the scientific and technological achievements transformed.Where the reporting units are scientific research institutes or universities, the transformed scientific and technological achievements shall be self-owned and jointly declared with relevant enterprises.The reporting units, cooperative units and project team members are in good faith, and there is no record of scientific research dishonesty and credit blacklist in related social fields during the punishment period.The applicant shall have the corresponding technological research and development conditions and transformation capabilities.It is reported that the project will give priority to support the transformation and application of high-tech agricultural achievements in Beijing and Tianjin.Priority will be given to the projects declared by the enterprises entering the agricultural science and technology parks at provincial level or above, the construction enterprises of Starchuangtiandi or the pilot projects located in the agricultural science and technology parks.